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Oozla surface

Oozla's surface

This is the walkthrough for Oozla.

After exiting your ship the MegaCorp vendor is to the ship's left. Currently you will have only the Lancer and Gravity Bomb; the Chopper and Blitz Gun will now be for sale at 5,000 and 15,000 bolts respectively. The first thing you should do is refill your existing weapon's ammunition, and purchase whatever weaponry you can afford as soon as possible, as the variety will give you and advantage. You then have two options - to either explore the swamp ruins or find the store entrance. It doesn't really matter which order you complete the missions in, in fact you do not have to complete the exploration mission to leave the planet but you will be unable to progress on later planets without completing it. To explore the swamp first head to the right of the ship, through a metal structure. To find the store entrance follow the path near the MegaCorp Vendor. No matter which path you take be sure to destroy some crates near the swamp exploration route to ensure you collect more bolts for weaponry, and in between completing missions remember to stock up on ammo and purchase new weaponry if you want to.

Finding the store entrance

The swamp section

After following the path you will come to a gap in the path with green swamp fluids in between. On the other side are six snail-like Mutant Swamp Beasts. While they do notice you they cannot cross the gap in the path, either use the Lancer to take them out from a safe distance or, if they are grouped together, you might want to use the Gravity Bomb. Once they have been killed simply Jump over the gap and continue round the path. Once the path turns right you will encounter several Mutant Fireflies which will attack you, either use the Lancer (one shot will be enough for each one) or your Wrench and take them out. Destroy the crates on your left and approach the platforms used to get across the swamp - on your left you can see the MegaCorp salesman drowning in the swamp. Jump onto the platform and stand at the end thereof (it will not sink), a Mutant Swamp Beast will appear on the land in front of you, again destroy it from a safe distance with the Lancer and jump onto the land.

As you jump onto this land two Mutant Muckdwellers will appear on your right, use the Wrench to quickly kill them. Walk towards the floating leaf-like platforms in the swamp in front of you and another Mutant Swamp Beast should appear, kill it with the Lancer or Wrench and then use the Lancer to kill the Mutant Swamp Beast and Muckdweller that should now appear on the leaf-platforms - do not worry about the ones in the far distance, they are probably out of range. Before jumping on to the leaf-platforms look to your left and jump over a fallen tree; you will then see the salesman being 'eaten' by six Mutant Muckdwellers, kill them and the return to the leaf-platforms. Jump onto the first one and another Mutant Swamp Beast and Muckdweller should appear on other platforms. Even these platforms do not sink, so take your time and eliminate them. When standing on the final leaf-platform kill the Mutant Muckdwellers on the new section of land before jumping onto it, or just take them out with your Wrench. Continue following the path and a couple of Mutant Swamp Beasts should attack you, kill them and the Mutant Muckdwellers that follow. Before turning your attention to the ammo crates on your left watch out for more Mutant Swamp Beasts that jump out of the swamp in front of you. Jump onto the next set of platforms and kill the enemies on each platform before you progress to the next one.

After jumping onto the land, jump up onto a higher section and destroy the crates next to you. Then follow the path utill you reach a section where there is swamp on either side of you. From here Mutant Muckdwellers will jump out of the swamp on your left and right, Mutant Swamp Beasts will jump out of the swamp in front of you. Keep your distance from the Mutant Swamp Beasts and use your Wrench to take out the Mutant Muckdwellers first, when they are gone use the Lancer and destroy the Mutant Swamp Beasts. Destroy the three Mutant Fireflies hovering over the leaf pads and head right to destroy some crates. Then jump onto the leaf-platforms.

Swamp Monster I

Oozla 3

The Swamp Monster I

When you reach the next section of land you will encounter the Swamp Monster I. Use the gravity bomb to target any one of the three parts this monster has and keep firing as often as possible, strafe from side to side and jump whenever one of the large tentacles tries to squash you. There should be plenty of ammo crates around you to help in doing this. After about eight hits the fight should be over. Destroy the crates on the left and collect all the ammo available on the right before advancing. Jump over the two leaf-platforms and use the Lancer to destroy two Mutant Swamp Creatures, you should now be at the MegaCorp Outlet.

The MegaCorp Outlet

Approaching the MegaCorp Outlet

Head to the left to pick up the Dynamo then destroy all crates nearby before using it to "zap that activator." After stepping on the platform that rises when you use the Dynamo, head left and into the Outlet itself.

Inside the MegaCorp Outlet

Oozla 5

Using the Dynamo inside the MegaCorp Outlet for the first time

Use the Lancer or Wrench to kill the three Mutant Fireflies at the entrance then use the Dynamo and head to the right. The Dynamo will raise you to a certain height, from there you must use the Dynamo again to activate a moving platform which will take you to the upper level of the o MegaCorp Outlet. When at the upper level be ready with your Wrench or Lancer to take out two more Mutant Fireflies then destroy two crates on your left before advancing to the next Dynamo challenge. For the next challenge activate the first platform by using the Dynamo and walk to the end thereof then activate the second, once you are at the end of the second one activate the third and walk onto the next bit of solid ground. If you fall doing this challenge, there are steps to take you back to the start, but as long as you do not spend too long on each platform you should easily reach the other side. In the next room there are four Mutant Swamp Beasts. Three in the middle and one to your right. Kill them and then destroy as much of the glass in the room as possible to collect as many bolts as you can. Then walk outside again by going through the door at the opposite end of the room. Walk along the platform and jump over the gap. Destroy the crates and then enter through the other door.

Use the Dynamo to active the first green platform, jump onto it and then quickly but calmly activate the next one. Repeat this to reach the next corridor. The platforms do disappear but you have plenty of time to activate the next one and jump onto it. Go through the corridor while destroying crates on both sides. At the far end of the corridor is a group of crates and a curve-shaped metallic walkway

Swamp Monster II

At the top of this curve is the Box Breaker which is gained by defeating the Swamp Monster II; however, to get this you need the Gravity Boots which can be won at the MegaCorp Gladiator arena on a later location - the Planet Joba. Skip this section for now and scroll down to the "Inside the MegaCorp Outlet continued" section; return to Oozla later when you have obtained the Gravity Boots if you want to get the Box Breaker.

Upon returning to Oozla with the Gravity Boots, walk up the ramp and fill up all your weapons. Slide down the pipe and you will find yourself in a circular battle arena on leaf-platforms facing the Swamp Monster II. The Plasma Storm or Megarocket Tube are ideal for taking out this enemy. The monster will occasionally try to eat you and destroy the platform you are standing on, so keep back flipping and strafing from platform to platform. It is better to use good armor when battling this enemy such as Duraplate Armor or Electrosteel Armor for this.

You will gain the Box Breaker if you defeat the monster.

Inside the MegaCorp Outlet (continued)

Oozla 6

Several shaped objects will move towards you at this point

Head back along the corridor until you find a turning which leads to a new corridor. Activate the Dynamo and run through the door that opens at the end of the corridor. Several shaped objects will move towards you blocking your way so look for gaps or low objects to jump over and avoid them. You will then reach a cutscene.

Heading Back to Your Ship

After the cutscene destroy the crates on your left and then activate the Dynamo (And if you are in Challenge Mode, you can buy Armor at the Armor Vendor). Jump onto the platform and activate the teleporter to return to your ship.

Exploring the swamp

Follow the path and then destroy the crates before jumping onto several platforms. You will see many Mutant Muckdwellers jumping around in the next mass of land you find, jump onto the higher section of land slightly to the left of the Mutant Muckdwellers and destroy them from the safe ground. Watch out for the Mutant Swamp Monster waiting in the path on the left, then kill the further three Mutant Swamp Monsters that jump out of the swamp as you approach. Walk towards the creature sitting in the swamp and jump onto its back, when it stops moving jump onto to the creature next to it, when this one stops moving jump onto the land - if you take too long changing creatures you will sink into the swamp. The remaining creature is there in case you wish to return to your ship, so ignore it. When you reach the other side there will be a cave, behind you is a ledge with several crates on it, jump up and destroy them before entering the cave.

Oozla 1

Using the creatures to navigate the swamp

Inside the cave are two Mutant Swamp Monsters. Kill them with a weapon such as the Lancer or Chopper and then use your Wrench to kill the Mutant Fireflies when you reach the larger part of the cave. Before jumping onto the platform in the middle of the cave, destroy the crates to the left and right of you. After jumping on the platform jump onto the Venusian Fly Trap and quickly jump onto the ledge above it, if you are not quick enough you will loose Nanotech. From here jump down and destroy the crates on either side of you, then jump onto the first creature's back. From here jump onto the next creature it stops at. Then ignore the next creature your ride stops at, instead of sinking it will guide you to a platform full of Mutant Muckdwellers, kill them for experience and then jump on the creature nearest the platform, it will take you back to the start. Repeat the process but this time when the second creature you ride pauses next to another creature in the middle of the swamp jump onto it instead of ignoring it. Then ride it until it reaches the next platform - ignore the other creature you come across. Destroy the crates and jump up the Venusian Fly Trap and onto the ledge then destroy the wall of crates. Jump back down and ride the nearest creature back to the start again. Now repeat the second process but when your third creature pauses near another creature jump onto its back this time.

When you reach the final platform jump off the creature before it sinks and perform a Hyper-strike to kill the Mutant Swamp Creature waiting for you. Enter the 'door' to your right and four Mutant Swamp Creatures will jump out at you, kill them and then continue down the path. There will be another Mutant Swamp Creature and three Mutant Fireflies there for you to kill, then jump onto the creature on your right. It will take you to a Venusian Fly Trap, jump onto it and then quickly jump onto the next creature waiting for you. It will take you up to two more Venusian Fly Traps, jump onto both of them and then safely onto the next creatures back which will take you to the next platform. Quickly jump up the staircase-like structure of Venusian Fly Traps and then slide down the tunnel.

Oozla 2

Arranging the columns

After sliding down the tunnel you will meet the Tractor Beam scientist who will sell you the Tractor Beam for 1,000 bolts. Buy it and then arrange the columns on the right to take a shortcut back to your ship by jumping onto a high ledge and following a short path.


Platinum bolts

Oozla Cave

The platinum bolt inside the small cave

  1. After purchasing the Tractor Beam from the scientist, move the small and medium pillar to the cliff on the left instead of the right. Put the small pillar on the left side and the medium one on the right side. Reach the top and it will be there.
  2. After completing both missions, go back towards the swamp ruins. After jumping over the initial platforms where the first set of enemies were (are if you have died or left the planet) there will be a creature that was not there before. Ride the creature until you reach a small cave. There will be a platinum bolt inside.

Skill points

Prehistoric Rampage

To gain the Prehistoric Rampage skillpoint, shoot four Pterodactyls on Oozla.

When you exit your ship you should see four pterodactyls flying around. The easiest way to kill them is to equip the Pulse Rifle, Vaporizer or (Heavy) Lancer and snipe them all down.

Smash and Grab

To gain Smash and Grab destroy all the breakables at the MegaCorp Outlet.

The easiest way to complete this is to come back with better weapons and the gravity boots and defeat the Swamp Monster II to gain the Box Breaker, which destroys everything destroyable on-screen whenever you perform a Hyper-Strike. Using this item go into every room and perform a hyper-strike.


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