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The Ornithopter was a primitive Tharpod spaceship designed by Dr. Croid that ran on Gelatonium. The Ornithopter design structure consisted of three engines and a crew pod with rotatable engine for steering. The Ornithopter in many ways acted more like a rocket ship rather than a standard space vessel, as the Ornithopter would detach all three engine pods as soon as the vessel escaped the atmosphere. The Ornithopter is also not capable or long distance trips, as Ornithoper would run out of fuel easily in mere minutes unless it collected more fuel on the way. It would then be steered by a rotatable engine on the crew pod until it reached its destination, where it activate landing legs. The Ornithopter was designed by Dr. Croid to reach Phonica Moon, where he could continue research in peace away from the Minion hordes that ravaged Magnus. Ratchet, Clank, Qwark and Nefarious used a spare Ornithopter to reach Phonica Moon.


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