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Orxon Wormtunnel

Ratchet, exploring Orxon while wearing the O2 Mask

This is the walkthrough for Orxon in Ratchet & Clank.

Getting the Magne Boots

When you first go to planet Orxon, Clank will jump out of Qwark's tour shuttle and Ratchet will hold his breathe because Orxon's air is poisonous. You will see an open doorway. Go through the doorway and Clank will have to find six Gadgebots as they will open a door. Continue finding more Gadgebots to open doors and you will eventually find the Magnet boots.

Getting the Infobot for Pokitaru

On the walkway where you found the Magne Boots, you will see some grenades falling down. You need to find six to seven Gadgebots then be in an area where there are lots of Toxic Crabs and Alien swarmers. Find these Gadgebots and open a door. Once you go through the door, a turret will start shooting at a wall and the Infobot will be next to the broken wall. A secret on this planet is also available at this time or location, you must kill our player after getting the infobot, when you respawn you will be in a location that was unreachable before this point which holds approximately 6000 bolts.

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