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The PX6 Devastator, referred to as simply Devastator in the game, was an auto-targeting missile launcher manufactured by Gadgetron that fired powerful missiles which tracked their targets.

When fired, the Devastator's barrel expanded and the weapon shot a target-seeking missile that caused a large amount of damage to the target. The expanding barrel combined with a backblast compensated the recoil of the missile launcher significantly. The Devastator had an iron sight on top of its barrel, but this manual targeting system was never used by Ratchet.

The weapon was highly useful against all enemies of the game, destroying small enemies with just one shot. The devastator was also powerful against air enemies, due to the target-tracking missiles.

The Devastator appeared in Gadgetron's product line by the time Ratchet reached Batalia, and could be bought for 10,000 bolts.

If the player had the Persuader, the product could be purchased for 7,500 bolts.

Gold Devastator


Gold Devastator

TaunterMain article: Gold Devastator

The Gold Devastator was the Gold version of the Devastator, and can be purchased from a Gold Weapons room with 60000 bolts and 4 gold bolts, and along with the Gold Tesla Claw are the most expensive Gold Weapons. The missiles fired by the Gold Devastator rebounded off up to three enemies, or simply came back to the same enemy, if it was not already destroyed.

In-game summaries

  • "Devastator! Launch guided MISSILES at the bad guys." - Gadgetron Vendor
  • "The Devastator is the perfect combination of effectiveness and economy. Less expensive than some of Gadgetron's other long range weapons, the Devastator can bring down flying enemies with ease." - Help Menu (Start Menu) (Normal)
  • "Try the Devastator's new Auto-Lockon feature! Hold down L1, and the Lockon reticule will turn green when a target is acquired. Once locked on, the Devastator missiles will automatically seek moving targets." - Help Menu (Start Menu) (Gold)
  • "When we at Gadgetron set out to create a Gold Devastator, we were at a temporary loss. How does one improve on perfection? And then our engineering staff developed a new targeting technology which enables each missile to hit multiple targets and do even MORE damage! Go ahead… fire a few shots and enjoy the show!" - Help Menu Description (Gold Devastator)

Behind the scenes

The Devastator was the first weapon to be revealed to the public when Ratchet & Clank was first announced, being the weapon Ratchet wielded in a promotional image that later became the basis for the US cover, as well as a wallpaper.


Early in development, if Ratchet stood near a Devastator shot, it would hurt him as well.


The Devastator was featured in a weapons testing commercial for the game. A group of teenagers attempted to fire a Devastator rocket at a target in the middle of a courtyard, but missed. It instead blasted through a tree and blew up somebody's yacht. The teenagers then began to flee.


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