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Upon exploding, warheads will release a flurry of Thermal Microrockets.
―Weapon Description  [R&C (PS4)]
Peacemaker itn

The Peacemaker is the V3 upgrade for the Warmonger in Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus. When firing the Peacemaker, it unleashes shrapnel to damage nearby enemies.

Raritanium weapon upgrades

The Peacemaker has several possible Raritanium weapon upgrades.

  • ​Shrapnel cache: Adds another shrapnel shard to your upgraded rocket to damage more enemies when it fires.
  • Ammo: Increases ammo capacity.
  • Blast Radius: Increases how wide it hits.
  • Rate of Fire: increases how fast it fires.

​Mystery upgrades

  • Heat-seeking rocket: Allows your missile to lock on to an enemy's heat signature.


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