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Tachyon serves as the final boss of Tools of Destruction. this is a guide to help take him down.

Round 1

In this part of the fight, Tachyon remains stationary in the center of the room, firing lasers and summoning small robot spiders to attack Ratchet. In this round, it is recommended that you use weak weapons, as Talwyn, Cronk, and Zephyr help whittle away his health. Once you chip off 1/3 of his health, the stage is set for the final showdown

Round 2

The Dimensionator has transported Tachyon, Ratchet, and Clank to an asteroid dimension, meaning the gang is not here to help you. For this battle, you will have to go all out with the Judicator, Toxic Swarmers, Magma Combuster, Doom Blades, Mr. Zurkon, Pyro Blaster, and the Groovitron. Tachyon's full arsenal of attacks come into play. He'll now throw asteroids at Ratchet (evident as they will turn pink). The Emperor will also use his teleportation powers, jumping into the air and slamming the ground, creating a massive shockwave. When his health is low, he'll unleash a swarm of missiles that swirl above him before landing on the ground, as well as fire a large yellow laser. The Groovitron is great for distracting him. With the right weapons, the Emperor will fall with relative ease.

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