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This is the walkthrough for Phylax Gamma in Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time.


Chances are, you will come by this moon when you are flying to Torren IV. First of all land and go through the narrow path. Now go forward and jump onto the platform and then onto the double platform. Wait for the floating platform to float up to the reach of Ratchet's double jump - and hop onto it. Now wait therefor to near to the other platform while dodging the fireballs that occasionally surprise you (just step to the right).

Combat Segment

Hop onto the double platform and use your pistol to shoot the living daylight out of the flying entity. Hop down and use your wrench to eradicate of the robots. Now, here there are a lot of destructibles so just hit everything you can see. Jump over the platforms till you see two floating platforms to the left of you. Turn left and hop onto one of them. There are a lot of surprise fireballs here, so just dodge them by sidestepping or by hopping onto the platform next to you. Aim your jump, and just after the fireball hits its high, double jump onto the platforms ahead of you. Hope down and jump-strike onto the spinning robots below (X+Square). Pistol the explosive thingamagics and destroy the rest. Hop onto the platform ahead, and double jump over the two remaining platforms. Wrench all enemies here, or use the Constructo Bomb. Get the crates and hop onto the platform ahead of you, until you see multiple platforms.

Platforming Mayhem

Now aim your jump, and wait for the floating platforms to near you. Dodge the fireballs and repeat for the next set of platforms. Hop onto the staitonary platforms and again, wait for the floating ones. Do this until you reach the still ones again, and hop onto the ground after pistoling the flying monster. If you haven't got any ammo, use the Constructo Bomb.

Grabbing the Zoni

Winch the crank to lower the platforms and destroy the destructibles here. Run forward, hop onto the platforms and stop when you are on the rocky ground. Quickly use the Sonic Eruptor to destroy the fly, and grab the Zoni. If you can't destroy the fly, leave it - and jump off the meteor pad and fly off the wretched moon.

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