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This is the walkthrough for Phylax Sector in Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time.





Track down Vorselon's ship

Lord Vorselon has kidnapped Qwark and the Fongoids. Vorselons ship is the red pulsing triangle on your mini map. Fly over to it. Vorselon's fighters will attack you. You must destroy all 20 of them. Use your blasters and missiles and try to avoid their shots. Once the fleet is destroyed land on the ship.


Destroy Dr. Nefarious's ships

This mission can be found between Phylax Alpha and Phylax Sigma. The Smuggler wants you to destroy Dr. Nefarious's ships. Head to the red triangle shaped icon on your minimap and fight the ships there. You have to destroy 20 ships so the shield for the spy satellite goes off. Then destroy the satellite and Smuggler gives you 1000 bolts.

Tow Terachnoid's ship to the Phylax Depot

This mission can be found in the northern part of the Phylax Sector to the left from Phylax Beta. You need the Ship Tether for this mission. The Terachnoid has ran out of gas. You can help him by towing him to the Phylax Depot using your Ship Tether. Press square to grap his ship. Then fly to the Phylax Depot and let go by pressing the square button. He then gives you 1000 bolts.

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