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This is the walkthrough for Phylax Tau in Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time.

Land on the moon, and you will be transported to a spherical moon blanketed by a metal surface. Head forward and be sure you have your guns ready because this is a combat moon. On the bottom right of the screen is your kill counter; keep an eye on that as well as you health. Dying here will not be so helpful.

Exploding Globes

The first procedure would be to wrench as many as you can see, but when there are too many, go to one of the thingimagics that look like a globe with something inside it and whack it once you are surrounded by the robots. This will cause an explosion to wipe out nearby enemies.


You can actually kill most of the guys here with your wrench so just whack them as soon as you see them. Once there are too many, try the procedure we did before, or use your Constructo Bomb. The Sonic Eruptor is a great weapon to use here when there are too many at a time. Run to the other side of the moon and harvest the kills.

Collecting Ammo

After getting some ammo crates, start unleashing chaos with your weapons, and remember to time the sonic charges. Run down the side the of the moon to find some more enemies. Use the procedures performed previously, and use the ones that are avaialable to you at the time.

Collecting bolts

No doubt there are some crates that you have missed. If so, get them using your wrench, or if needed use an explosive. Follow the green shape on your radar to find your ship.

Constructo Mod

Once you have got all 50 kills, you will receive a Constructo mod. Use it now, preferably.


Constructo mod

  • You receive one for killing all enemies on the planet.

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