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Plasma Striker

The Plasma Striker was a crossbow in Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time. Despite being a crossbow, it functioned like a sniper rifle, similar to the Flux Rifle and Fusion Rifle.[1] At V1 it had an ammo capacity of 8 plasma bolts and cost 33,000 bolts starting in Krell Canyon.To use this weapon, the player pressed L1 to enter scope mode, then pressed L3 to zoom in and circle or R1 to fire. When it upgraded to V5 it became the Plasma Slayer which could pierce enemies to hit the ones behind them.

The Plasma Striker was equipped with an experimental bioscope that marked an enemy's weak spots.[2] This feature combined extremely well with the CryoMine Glove. The CryoMine Glove could be used to freeze the enemy, giving Ratchet a chance to target the weak spot.[3] The "freeze" technique also worked by throwing a Groovitron, but wasn't advised since the enemies' dances could vary from energetic to steady. It worked well on the Agorians, as they were usually tapping or being stationary.

Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus

Plasma Nexus

The Plasma Striker returns in Into the Nexus as a sniper weapon for the game. It is once again very powerful if you hit the enemy in its weak spot, which is much harder in the game due to not having the Groovitron or freezing weapons. 

It upgraded to the Plasma Slayer once again, except at V3 and it had the same color as the Plasma Striker, but the same design as in A Crack in Time. It also can be upgraded with Raritanium.

GrummelNet Preview

Ratchet & Clank Future A Crack in Time - How-To Plasma Striker00:32

Ratchet & Clank Future A Crack in Time - How-To Plasma Striker

GrummelNet preview

"GrummelNet's new Plasma Striker is the next evolution in long-range assassination. The Plasma Striker's strength comes from our patented bioscope! The scope pinpoints vulnerable spots on any enemy, making for a more efficient kill. Just lay your crosshairs on the red indicator and… Bam! He, he. If it don't kill them, it will sure give them a reason to retreat. The Plasma Striker. Available only at GrummelNet!"

Weapon Summaries

A high veolcity crossbow that fires plasma bolts with deadly accuracy. Try using the bioscope which identifies an enemy's weak points for maximum damage.
―Instruction Manual Weapon Description  [ACiT]


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  • Despite functioning like a sniper rifle, the Plasma Striker was a crossbow.
  • The Plasma Striker was the first sniper rifle where the player could see the bullets, which had the appearance of being abnormally large, even for a rifle bullet. Realistically, even a miss would cause an enemy to be torn apart by the air pocket from the size and velocity of the bullet. It was likely; however, it was just for comical effect.
  • For balance purposes, it could not be reloaded using ammo from an ammo crate, instead it had to be restocked at a vendor. There was a Agorian Battleplex challenge that when the player got the Plasma Striker and hit a ammo crate, it is revealed the Plasma Striker had its own ammo


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