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This is the walkthrough for Pokitaru in Ratchet & Clank.

Pokitaru is the only world where you can swim freely without being eaten.

Above ground path

To begin, walk ahead, and you will meet with the Jowai Resort Owner. He will ask you to eradicate the Blarg from his resort. In return, he will offer the O2 Mask as a reward. To start, continue on the path. You will meet two types of enemies. The Psytopus and the Puffer Fish. The Psytopus are easy to defeat with the RYNO, or if you do not have it yet, the Devastator. The Puffer Fish, despite being smaller, are harder to kill. Normal small enemies require one wrench hit to be defeated, while these require two. The best ways to destroy these creatures are with the Pyrocitor, Glove of Doom, or with a few shots of the Blaster from a safe distance. After a short while, he will take you on a boat.

This boat trip will not be easy. Puffer fish will jump on, and it is your job to destroy them. Your best bet is to go nuts with the Pyrocitor. The fish that do not die will hopefully be knocked off. When you reach land, you will be able to use the same strategy you used before the boat, and then you will be able to kill the long blarg ships.

Hang on? The garage is locked! The game will suggest for you to visit Bob's shack, so do so. Buy the thruster-pack and do a power slam on the big red button. Now you can destroy the long blarg ships.

Fighting the ship

Fighting the ship is actually a lot easier than it looks. The machine guns are usually enough to 'burst' one segment. However, keep hammering at the saucers to get missiles which will make the job easier.

The Sewers

When you return to your ship, you will notice another teleporter. This teleporter will lead to the sewers. Even though the sewers can be reached without the teleporter, use it.

Once you have entered the sewers, turn right and swim underwater until the surface. Go slow and relish in the fact that you can stay under for as long as you like. When you surface, kill the amoeboid, and drain the pool with your hydrodisplacer. This will allow you to access an Invinco-lock. Return and refill the pool. Swim through until you reach another room full of Amoeboids. You now have three options:

  1. Quickly jump onto a platform
  2. Quickly jump on and then launch 5 Glove of Doom canisters and jump back
  3. Jump on and go nuts with the RYNO/Blaster/Bomb Glove/Devastator

If you chose option #2 or #3, now jump onto a platform. Now, make your way to the top, which is easy as the platforms move slowly, and solve the Invinco-lock at the top. Walk through. Jump into the water and swim through. The exploding crates give bolts, but also hurt you while detonating. You will now have two options.

  1. Quickly jump on and release as many Glove of Doom canisters as necessary, then jump on the ledge
  2. Quickly jump on the ledge and then peg as many Amoeboids as you can with the blaster

Now, solve the Invinco-lock and walk through.

If you have the raritanium, trade with the guy.


Gold bolts

  • You need the Thrusterpack, and the O2 Mask; from the beginning, follow the path you took when escorting the commercial man, until you get to the first Psytopus. Jump into the water on the right and there should be a place where you can go left under the land. Go under the arc and get out of the water. You will need to make your way through using your weapons, your Swingshot, and your Thrusterpack for a special lock and finally get to the gold bolt at a water cascade. (This is filled with Puffer Fishes and more Psytopuses).

Skill points

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