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Ratchet &amp; Clank Beach Planet

Ratchet on Pokitaru

This is the walkthrough for Pokitaru in Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters.


Welcome to Size Matters. During the cutscene, a little girl called Luna will see Ratchet and start taking pictures of him. She asks if he can pose for some pictures and take part in some combat training, so Luna can complete her school project.

Combat Training

Ratchet starts on the beach. To the right of the path is a vendor and a bunch of crates and breakable objects. Break the crates and objects for bolts, then go up the path. Ratchet will encounter two Scuttle Crabs; shoot them with the Lacerator. I say this because of the urgent need to upgrade this useful blaster. Once the crabs have been dispatched, head further up and jump up the ledge. Destroy the Scuttle Crabs there, then break the crates. Jump up the steps in front of the wooden wall, then high jump over the wall. Destroy the Training Robots that come out two by two. Once they are dead, break the crates, grab any ammo or Nanotech, and use the wrench to open the door using the giant crank. Move to the gap and long jump over. Aim at and shoot the door target before going through and killing the crabs exiting out the waterfall. Break the crates inside the waterfall before high jumping up the ledge on the far side of the door. At this point, either the Lacerator or the Acid Bomb Glove will suffice to kill the robots on the other side of the gap. Stock up on ammo before sliding down. Once Ratchet is at the area with four houses pull the Lacerator and blast the unsuspecting robots. More robots will exit the houses in two waves of four, before the door opens and an additional squad of hostile robots comes barreling in. Once they are all scrap metal head out the door and kill the crabs that come out of the water. Move along the path until Ratchet encounters a large group of robots. This is a perfect opportunity to practice sniping, so use the Lacerator to destroy the robots one by one. Get the ammo crates, then long jump to the small island. Get Nanotech, bolts, and more ammo if so desired. Crank the bolt crank to raise the bridge, to be rewarded with the Wildfire body armor.

Fresh Outta Boot

Destroy the Guard Torso and its R.C.U pilot before proceeding through the destroyed hut. Use the vendor if more ammo is required than what was provided. Strafing will prove to be a crucial ability at this point against Guard Torsos, as their guns are, at this point, deadly, but not accurate. Keep in mind they can fire up or down too. Ratchet will arrive at a small platform where several crabs try to recreate the Normandy landing, only this time get they shot back into the water. Head further up, destroy the two R.C.U.s, and go onto the next platform. Two Guard Torsos will challenge Ratchet; show them the folly of that before stocking up on ammo and going up the grav ramp. Shoot down the squad of Guard Torsos that attack Ratchet at the top. Jump and glide from the left of the zipline, at the very edge of the platform, to a platform hidden behind the rock face to find a Titanium Bolt. Head down the zipline to a large platform. Destroy the R.C.U.s coming out from the buildings before restocking on ammo and Nanotech, if necessary, and heading to the right. Enter the cave to find a large unit of Guard Torsos entering to kill Ratchet. After killing them, collect the crates and move out the back entrance of the cave. Kill the four crabs that come out the water, then get more ammo and Nanotech as needed. There is a vendor by the dock. Go onto the boat at the end of the dock, and wait a while. A dropship will deliver a pair of Guard Torsos. Kill them and go onto the large island when the boat arrives. Strafe from the homicidal crabs, mowing them down while running. More and more crabs will arrive to swarm Ratchet, so keep alert of newly landed enemies coming from behind. After everything is dead, head to the dock and leap onto the boat. For this part, stay on the boat and strafe jump to avoid enemy attacks. It will take Ratchet to a large island where four Guard Torsos are vandalizing the huts. Kill them, stock up on ammo and Nanotech, and get back onto the boat. It will take Ratchet to a second island where another four Guard Torsos are burning huts. Show them Ratchet's disapproval of their actions before jumping onto the island. Get more ammo and Nanotech, but go around the back of the left hut to find another Titanium Bolt. Go back to the boat and wait therefor to reach the dock. When does, jump up the steps, killing the crabs occupying the second one, before going onto a large platform. Quickly kill the two crabs waiting for Ratchet before rushing out beyond the hut to Ratchet's right. Strafe to kill the four approaching Guard Torsos. Collect more bolts from the breakable objects and crates as wanted, then head up the elevator for a cutscene.

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