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The Polaris Compendium of Ridiculously Overpowered Weapons was a compendium of weapons that were deemed too powerful by the creators of Polaris compendiums.

Known rankings


  • Considering how most, if not all, weapons in the RYNO series had been said to be on lists such as these, it is likely that the R.Y.N.O. IV/R.Y.N.O. V made its way onto this list.
  • Before facing Slag/Darkwater in Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty, talking to the Smuggler allowed Ratchet to purchase the Alpha Disruptor for 50,000 bolts. While purchasing, the Smuggler revealed that the Alpha Cannon was ranked third in the Polaris Compendium of Ridiculously Overpowered Weapons. All the other weapons in this ranking were unknown.


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