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Predator Launcher
Enemies can run, but they can't hide from this launcher's new and improved laser guided lock-on system!
Tools of Destruction weapon description  [ToD]

The Predator Launcher was a weapon that could lock onto multiple targets and fire Predator missiles at them. As the user held down the trigger, it released Predator missiles into the air. The missiles locked on to nearby enemies and launched themselves at their target when the trigger was released. Bigger enemies were targeted several times on different spots around their body. The missiles would automatically self-destruct if the target they were locked on was destroyed or if the player switched to another weapon. It upgraded into the Raptor Launcher, whose missiles released sticky napalm after exploding.

The special Raritanium upgrade for this weapon was the Dual Target Detectors, which caused two missiles to lock onto the same spot on an enemy. This upgrade would sometimes waste ammo, because two missiles might have locked on to an enemy that only required one missile to be destroyed. Nevertheless, the upgrade was necessary to defeat stronger enemies in a reasonable amount of time.


The Predator Launcher functioned similarly to the Spitting Hydra from Up Your Arsenal, and the lock-on targets looked much like the Spitting Hydra's. However, each missile counted as an ammo slot, unlike the Spitting Hydra's charge, which only used one ammo. The way the missiles hovered in the air, then launched themselves toward their target was similar to the behavior of the Seeker Gun's rockets from Going Commando.

Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction

Predator Launcher lock-on

The Predator Launcher locking onto multiple areas of a Rogue.

Dual target dectectors

The Dual Target Detectors in action. Two missiles lock on to a single Drophyd

The Predator Launcher could be purchased for 25,000 bolts starting in Stratus City on planet Kortog. Without Raritanium upgrades, it held 25 Predator missiles which each dealt 144 damage at V1. The Predator Launcher could be upgraded with the Dual Target Detectors for a price of 500 Raritanium.

Imperial Fight Festival Issue

The Predator Launcher could become very annoying during weapon switching rounds at the Imperial Fight Festival. This was due to the fact that the Predator Launcher's ammo went down whenever a missile locked on to a target, even though the missile had not actually been fired. Since weapons switched automatically after the ammo was used up, the weapon changed before the missiles were even fired, self-destructing the missiles.


Damage increases by 15% of previous damage every upgrade. Weapon damage without Raritanium upgrades:

  • V1: 144
  • V2: 166
  • V3: 190
  • V4: 219
  • V5: 252

Raritanium Upgrades

Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty

Ratchet started the game with the Predator Launcher, but lost it in the Azorean Sea after he was shot from a cannon to Hoolefar Island. The Predator Launcher was recovered from the sea from the Smuggler, and returned to Ratchet at the beginning of Darkwater Cove. Like every weapon in the game but the Alpha Disruptor, it started at V3.

Dual Target Detectors Location

The Dual Target Detectors upgrade is located in Darkwater Cove, before the bolt crank that leads to the boss battle with Sprocket. To get it, look for a pirate gate to the left. Break the gate open with a Fusion Grenade and blow up the wall of metal crates behind it as well. This will expose a spring pad, which leads to the upgrade.


  • V3: 90
  • V4: 108
  • V5: 130


  • A similar weapon was planned for A Crack in Time called the Phoenix Launcher, but was cut mainly because it was exactly like the Predator Launcher from a gameplay perspective.
  • Since Cragmites can teleport, they can dodge a rocket from the predator/raptor launcher, despite it being advertised to never miss.


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