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This is the walkthrough for Prison Planet.

Here, you play as Ratchet. There are some different battlegrounds. In the cell block, you face weaker enemies. In the cafeteria, if you run through the green or purple mass, you will take damage. In the yard, there are some cannons. The same is for the prison breakout. In the Prison Showers you may use the bolt cranks to suck enemies in the ocean. The same bolt cranks are in the cafeteria. You have to use them to stop enemies coming from special tunnels. While with Clank, you can collect and buy weapons for Ratchet.

Shoot enemies to complete challenges. Every mega challenge gives you a titanium bolt!

In cell block, you will get two weapons:Shard Gun and Walloper. Use the Walloper against Thugs-4-Less Brutes,Spider-Bots and Reapers.(Kill Tyhrranoids with OmniWrench10K).At last round an Elite Reaper will come out. Kill all the enemies until the Elite Reaper will be alone. Use Dual Laceterators (Can be found in Boltaire Museum .Cannot be purchased) until the Elite Reaper is defeated.

Once you have the Bee Mine Mk. 2, (Can be found on Aztocal Alley,Rionosis) use it until it becomes max level,which named Killer Bee Mine Mk. 2. Buy all the upgrades for that weapon.Now it has posionus hive and bees,and bees are explosive!Now that weapon can kill almost any enemy.Warning!: Killer Bee Mine Mk. 2. can only hold two hives . If you throw a third while there is two hives currently working,one of them will detonate itself.Do not do that if you do not want to waste ammo.

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