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Ratchet Secret Agent Clank prison showers

Ratchet in the prison showers

The prison showers were where the prisoners on the Prison Planet washed. It was situated at the bottom of the ocean so that a constant supply of freezing cold water could be used, although at one point, the showers supplied warm water. However, while trying to restore the cold water, The Plumber accidentally destroyed the pumps, causing the inmates to vent their anger on the closest victims which so happened to be Ratchet. The showers had large drying facilities and skip-like containers full of towels. Ratchet had to face five challenges in the showers as he was attacked by the people he had put in prison. In addition, Ratchet was covered only with a towel, meaning damage would cause him to be exposed. It would seem that the showers had a problem with Amoeboids as they would sometimes attack the inmates by coming through the pipes. Ratchet can step on a switch to spray a BIG amount of water from the showers towards the inmates to soak them down the big drain. He can also crank the bolts to open up a dryer that can suck up the inmates inside roasting them to a crisp.



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  • This is the only time in the whole series where Ratchet's hands are shown as everywhere else he's wearing gloves.
    • This is also the only time in the whole series that Ratchet is shown naked (with a censor bar covering his privates)


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