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The Proton Turret is a turret controlled by a Robot Pilot Minion. They are only found in the Dreadgrove regions of planet Magnus. They are the only Minion units stationed here, as the Dreadgrove wildlife keeps most intruders out. The first Proton Turret you see has it's Robot Pilot Minion drinking from a water cooler. As soon as he sees the heroes he jumps into the Proton Turret and opens fire. The Proton Turret front end is weapon resistant to all weapon fire. When fighting, he'll lock onto one hero and shoot proton "bullets" that increase in speed as time goes by. To get rid of the Proton Turret. Another hero not locked onto by the Proton Turret must run behind the turret and attack the Robot Pilot Minion controlling the turret. If the player doesn't take him out in time, the Proton will now lock onto that player. Repeat this tactic until he's destroyed. There is a skill point for getting one Proton Turret to shoot at another Proton Turret.

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