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Weapon Node.

A player attacking a node in multiplayer

QForce weapon nodes are similar to the QForce weapon pods. In competitive mode they are similar to weapon pods in Campaign mode, but they could have four turrets and a barrier set up around them so the enemy does not take the node back easily. Four Grungoid Turrets surround each node, and some other Grungarians appear at each node's location. The nodes are numbered 1 to 7, with number 1 granting a major weapon (Warmonger or Plasmabomb Launcher) to the first team to capture it, and the other one to the second team to capture it. Node 1 cannot have any defenses purchased for it, but gains additional Grungarians when captured compairedto when neutral. Weapon nodes are green when neutral, and change to the color of the team that captures them when captured. They award a bolt bonus to their owners every so often, and the value of the bonus increases as the batle reaches later rounds. They are captured by completing a hacker puzzle.


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