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This is the walkthrough for planet Quantos in Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time.

After the cutscene, you will be looking at Aphelion destroyed and stuck in time. Stranded on a jungle planet with Qwark, you will need to find some inhabitants, or you are chances of getting off is nil. Get the crates to the right of you, and essentially follow Qwark down the path. 4 Zyphoids (the mushrooms) will grab onto you, but just attack them with your wrench. Hop over the ruined bridge and use your Constructo Pistol to shootout the remaining Zyphoids. Run down the hill and shoot down the TNT boxes. Go across the bridge and get the crates. Now turn to your right and you will find a crank. Press 'Square' and you will latch onto it. Pull it down by moving your left analogue stick and the bridge will connect Qwark and you. Now, behind the winch crank is a rockface, with a gold bolt on top of it. You will have to collect it after.

Time is not working

After Qwark kicks the wall down, step forward and Ratchet will point out the time anomalies in the forest. Go forward and touch the explosive crate and back up. Get the bolts. Hop over the platforms in the time anomaly and explode the crates. Jump down and Qwark will be the trademark wuss by running from the Zyphoid "parents." Try to use your pistol to get rid of these or just use your wrench to save ammo. Double jump onto the platform and asplode those crates. Jump over and wrench the stack of crates. Crank the winch to raise the bridge and wait for Qwark.


There is life! Go to the GrummelNet vendor and max out on ammo. Buy the Constructo Bomb if you want to, but you have a chance to do later. If you do, enjoy the HowTo video. WARNING: If you want to hear a small dialogue sequence, wait for Qwark to get across the bridge. He will go to the vendor and talk for a second. Go into the vendor, and come back out without buying anything. He will prompt you to buy something. Go back in and get the Constructo Bomb. Upon Exiting, Qwark should compliment you on your new weapon.


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Gold bolts

  • A gold bolt can be found before the first encounter with the Fongoids. After cranking the bridge for Qwark, there will be a wall that Qwark will kick down to get through. To the left of this wall is a rock with a gold bolt, out of reach. To collect it, you will need Hoverboots. When revisiting the planet, to the left of the first Zyphoid spawn is a path that will lead you to a Hoverboot ramp. Hoverboot off it and land on the rock.
  • Inside the Fongoid village and before the Temple of Zahn, there is a flight of steps to go up. To the left and right is a flowing river, but to the right is a platform with the gold bolt. Jump down onto the platform, collect it, then jump back up a couple of other platforms to get back to the entrance of the temple.
  • Revisiting the planet at the beginning of the level to the left there is a gold bolt along with a lot of crates.

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