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Captain Qwark using Quantum Deflector

Quantum Deflector

The Quantum Deflector[1] was Qwark's special weapon built by GrummelNet as a response to several failed attempts on President Qwark's life. It generated a green shield around Qwark, which reflected attacks back at enemies. Qwark nicknamed the deflector as "his giant ball of power." Once inside the bubble, Qwark could not use any weapons. Once it absorbed an amount of shots, the shield would wear off. Its Elite Upgade was much bigger and stronger.


Concept art - Quantum Deflector

Quantum Deflector concept art

  • It was similar to the Aphelion's Quantum Reflector in both name and function.
  • The antenna on the Quantum Reflector is similar to the one Qwark has on his costume.


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