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Fighting the Ultra Mechs

When you land, destroy the crates and run down to the front of the factory. Destroy the Chompers and the Sentrybots. You can't infiltrate the factory yet because you need the Hologuise, which is obtainable on Kalebo III. Equip the Tesla Claw and defeat the two Electroids V2.0, then swing across the canyon with the Swingshot. Equip the Tesla Claw and run around the arena, using it to destroy all the Chompers and Electroids. At the end you will meet one of Drek's scientists. He needs you to stop the Ultra Mechs long enough for him to shut down the enlarger. It's finally time for Giant Clank to shine! Turn into Giant Clank and walk back around the arena, stepping on all the enemies as they can't harm you. When you turn right and enter the arena, you will have to fight off the Ultra Mechs as well as some Blarg Helicopters. As well as punching, you can also fire missiles and do a special attack, but try not to use the missiles as they are not as effective as Giant Clank's punch. Only use the special attack when there are a few enemies in front of you, otherwise it will be a waste. After defeating the Ultra Mechs, the scientist can't thank you enough and gives you the Infobot for Kalebo III, an advert for the Hologuise. Now you can go to Kalebo III after getting the Bolt Grabber.

Obtaining the Bolt Grabber

Near your ship, you will notice a ladder leading to the robot plant's coolant system. Make sure you have the Hydro Pack before going through this.

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