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This is the walkthrough for Quodrona.

Breaking and entering

When Ratchet lands, he will shrink down to find the factory. When he does, a hovercar will transport him to a platform. Hop onto the forward-going conveyor belt and go to another platform. There is an upgrade vendor and weapons vendor here; purchase the Laser Tracer. Go to the door and unlock it. Go through the door; Ratchet will be greeted by four turrets and a Ratchet clone wielding a Lacerator. The Ratchet clone is very accurate and very fast; aim carefully. We'll call it the 'Lacerator clone' for the sake of efficiency. After all enemies have been dealt with, go into the next room. Snipe the Nurse Bots; be warned that several Ratchet clones will join the fray when you step into the room. After they've been dealt with, use the Nanotech and load up on ammo. Go through the door and Hypershot across the lava.

Clone home

Activate the Static Barrier and summon a pack of Agents of Doom; both will be crucial for this part. Enter the next door to find a load of crates. This room is shaped like a figure eight and is full of Lacerator and 'Wrench clones' that will burst out of the glowing green glass covers. Ratchet will be quickly be surrounded by many clones, so it's best to lure all of the clones out from their storage tanks, then destroying them with mass Agents of Doom, Concussion Gun fire, and rockets. Either end of the room is good for this. Watch out in particular for the Wrench clones; their comet strikes can bring a whole lot of hurt down on Ratchet. Once every enemy is dead, go through the other door to find a large chamber. Destroy the crates if you want. See those four platforms in the corner? Ratchet must jump on the first, wall jump off the opposite wall, and land on the next platform. Sounds easy, doesn't it? Too bad, because a barrel will come out of a slot and slowly move down, pushing Ratchet to the ground if he doesn't time his jumps correctly. Jumping onto the wall after the barrel has passed is recommended; however, the camera pans out to a side view of Ratchet during this part. When Ratchet does reach the ledge at the top of the platforms, he will find Nanotech and a vendor. If you haven't yet, purchase the Laser Tracer NOW.

Clone central

This place is chock full of clones. Open the door but do not enter the room; the ledge beneath Ratchet will collapse. Instead, toss an Acid Bomb down to the ground and start sniping clones. Finish off any survivors with a barrage of Lacerator or Shock Rocket fire. If you want, beat the targets the clones were shooting around a bit; be warned that they will hit back, though. Go to the door and unlock it. Enter it and equip the Laser Tracer, then face the door forward of the one Ratchet just came through. Blast the clones one by one with laser fire until they reach Ratchet; then shoot them with the Concussion Gun. Next, run to the center of the room and face the right door, and repeat. The third batch of clones will come at Ratchet from the forward door. Once everything is dead, proceed through the left door. Ratchet will go into a room full of storage crates that will pop open to reveal Ratchet Clones. To Ratchet's left is a stack of boxes leading up to a ledge with a Titanium bolt; use that ledge as a sniping post after luring all the clones out into the open. Lead them to below the ledge, then blast them all with sniper fire and Acid Bombs. Go to the back of the room; there will be a large alcove with a big red button. Jump on the button and wait therefor to depress. Be advised that the Ratchet clones will follow you there if you do not kill them all. Then go to the left of the room (the door's left), where a massive door will have opened. If any Ratchet clones have survived, shoot them with the Laser Tracer from beyond the door. They will not attack Ratchet if he stays far away enough. Use the vendor to reload on EVERYTHING. Ratchet will need full ammo for all of his weapons to survive the next area.

The arena

Ratchet will be dropped into an arena by Otto. The ring is circular in shape, with three elevators that will deploy Elite Ratchet Clones, along with standard Lacerator and Wrench clones. This is a list of them:

  • Concussion Clone - massive and slow, lots of health, wield a Concussion Gun
  • Scorcher Clone - very fast, not a lot of health, wield a Scorcher

Despite their "elite" status, though, the Lacerator clone is still the most dangerous because of its range.

However, the clones are susceptible to friendly fire. The recommended weapons for this part are the Agents of Doom, Shock Rocket, Lacerator, Static Barrier, Concussion Gun, Laser Tracer, and Acid Bomb Glove. Just strafe around firing at random targets. Being fleet of foot will pay off in this part; the clones will hit each other more often than they hit you. Ratchet must survive this death arena for five minutes; as such, running out of ammo more than once shouldn't be a surprise. Use the PDA to buy more ammunition, because the existing ammo crates in the arena will not last long.

Defeating Otto

At the beginning of this fight, Otto will chase Ratchet as a giant. As Ratchet flees across a bridge, Otto will shoot out panels from beneath Ratchet. Double jump these gaps. Watch out for any lamps that Otto shoots down to crush Ratchet; run around them. At the end of the race, Otto will shoot out both panels of the bridge, forcing Ratchet to jump across to safety.

A frustrated Otto will then upsize himself and activate his battle jetpack. Clank responds by transforming into Giant Clank. The second portion of the fight is quite easy. Giant Clank only has 100 ammo, but he will not have to reload if he times his punches correctly. At the start, charge Otto and beat him across the factory. When he flies into the air, charge at him again. When yellow crosshairs begin to appear on the ground, jump into the air and fire a barrage of rockets. Do this; however, many times is necessary to bring him back down. Again, quickly charge Otto, or he will shoot Giant Clank with powerful rockets. Punch Otto away, then fire off a volley of rockets. Try to corner Otto so that he cannot run away from Giant Clank. If you do run out of rockets, just get some more from the inevitable collateral damage. Eventually Otto will fall to the ground, defeated.

Ratchet will then be teleported to a small room. He can either go to the beginning of the level, or confront Otto. As always, a vendor is present to restock Ratchet's ammo. The recommended weapons to use against Otto are the Static Barrier, PDA, Bee Mine Glove, Laser Tracer, Agents of Doom, Lacerator, and Shock Rocket. In challenge mode the RYNO, fully upgraded, will kill him in less than two minutes.

Finally, Ratchet faces Otto mano-a-mano. Except, Otto has a shield. His attacks include a triple energy wave, an energy "hand clap" and powerful energy bombs. Jump over first and second and RUN AWAY from the third. The Static Barrier can barely take two bombs—while FULLY upgraded. The hand clap will completely destroy the Static Barrier. When you get the chance fire the Laser Tracer at Otto, while tossing the occasional Agents of Doom pack and Beemine. They will quickly destroy his shield; the Agents of Doom, fully upgraded, will do wonders against his shield. When his shield fails Otto will run around screaming; take this chance to shoot him with the Shock Rocket. Fire away and do not take careful aim; Otto is very fleet-footed and can dodge a lot of Ratchet's shots. Repeat until Otto is down to about two-thirds of his health. He will then rise up into the air, without a shield, and blast away at Ratchet with abandon. This time Otto fires QUINTUPLE energy waves and barrages of energy bombs, but the hand clap is pretty much the same; circle and strafe him with the Shock Rocket and the Lacerator, while barraging him with Beemine bees and Agents of Doom missiles. This will consume a whole lot of ammo; use the PDA to refill. The bolt/ammo seeking upgrade to the Beemine Glove will also help with reloading Ratchet's weapons. Eventually he will fall to the ground, again but this time permanently defeated. Enjoy the ending cutscene.

Skill Points

  • Elite Annihilation-Defeat over 70 elite clones during the elite clone fight
  • Storm the Front-Complete the enemy portion in less than 1:45

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