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The Qwack-O-Blitzer was one of the more unusual weapons in Up Your Arsenal. As the upgrade to the Qwack-O-Ray, the Qwack-O-Blitzer fired an energy beam which turned the first enemy it came into contact with into a flaming phoenix/duck combination, which followed Ratchet around and attacked enemies for a limited amount of time. However, only one of these birdlike creatures followed Ratchet at a time. When you used the Qwack-O-Blitzer while the bird was following you, the enemies turned to V4's ducks that laid bombs.


Once the player earned enough skill points, he/she will was able to use the "Ships to Ducks" cheat. All ships flying around the level turned into flaming ducks, which looked exactly like the ones from the Qwack-O-Blitzer. Although, these "Ducks" were ships, so that they could be shot and destroyed for bolts.


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