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The Qwack-O-Ray was a Gadgetron weapon that can turn enemies into ducks, which Ratchet could acquire for the first time at the Outpost X12 of planet Aridia. From level 2 on, the transformed ducks laid eggs that would approach and detonate near the closest enemy. When upgraded to Qwack-O-Blitzer, the first transformed duck became a huge Phoenix that would fly around Ratchet and Clank destroying enemies. Ratchet couldn't use the Qwack-O-Ray while jumping or crouching. A fast and easy way to upgrade the Qwack-O-Ray is to go to planet Aquatos and go to the sewers.


Version Functionality Damage
V1 Turns enemies to ducks 1,000
V2 Explosive eggs come from ducks 1,500
V3 Homing eggs 2,000
V4 Ducks will attack other enemies 2,500
Qwack-O-Blitzer A Phoenix that attacks enemies 3,000



  • While in Outpost X12 on planet Aridia, one of the Galactic Rangers mentioned that he defeated a horde of Robotic Pirate Ghosts with a Qwack-o-Ray and a half-charged B20 Crotchitizer.
  • The Qwack-O-Ray can nearly change every enemy but you have to be pretty close to the enemy and you cannot be interrupted by an attack. You also cannot use the Ray while jumping.
  • The stronger the enemy, the longer you have to connect with the enemy.
  • This was the first two-handed transformation weapon.
  • This was the first transformation weapon to have been bought from a vendor


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