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This is the walkthrough for Qwark's Hideout.

Main Path

As soon as you start off, Slim Cognito will tell you of some great deals he has for you. If you need something outrageously powerful in your arsenal, go to Aquatos, but lets do that some other time. Head down the path and you will see a moving platform. Hop on it and do not touch the water or else you will freeze! You will come across some gnomes and you can take them out with your wrench easily. Now step on the white square on the ground. Set up the Warp Pad. Now go to the switch and let the elevator rise to the highest point and once it does, use the Warp Pad. More enemies will appear so take them out. The next area is filled with gnomes, so take care of them fast. A giant barrier will block your way to the next area. Either set up a new Warp Pad location or press the switch that deactivates the barrier and use the Charge Boots to zip your way across. There will be another Gadgetron vendor nearby. Go down the line to the next area. Ratchet will now have a hard time moving around because of the ice. This place can get tricky, so first off take out all the Qwark bots. Get up the ladder and use the Hypershot to make your way across. Once you get past the area with the ice platforms, glide your way down to the circular ice path. Now head to the main path and then you will find a small crack in the wall. Now it's time to play as Clank.


Probably the most annoying Clank missions ever! Unlock two small bots and make them attack the fan in the room. Make them enter the little contraption and head to the next area. Go past the lasers and a cutscene will appear. The icicles have fallen and now you can platform your way across. And yay… we found a suitcase with Skrunch. How convenient. Distract the guard by shooting a banana, it will take its anger out on the monkey. Run past the guard and fire a banana to the other side to make Skrunch press the switch. Now cross the bridge, and destroy the gnome spawning cannon thing. Punch it till it explodes and take out the nearby gnomes. Head up the slope and either distract the guard or simply get as close to the bot without getting caught. Press triangle and select follow, the bot will now follow you. Go to the small thing near the barrier and select enter to make the bot go inside. Now go up the elevator and make your way past the bots. Get the small bot to follow you to the elevator and make it enter the hole. Now it gets hard, time yourself right and quickly pass the lasers or it will automatically kill you when touched. Now punch the switch to deactivate the lasers. Make the bot follow you and enter the hole. Now step on the switch located past the barrier you just deactivated.


Once you gain control of him again, go past the barrier that you made Clank destroy. Here you will view a cutscene. Make your way back to the ship by going on the Taxi. You will be prompted to do something.


At the beginning of this planet, instead of going on the moving platform, make your way to the right. This section is filled with baddies and Gravity Boots sections. At the end of the very linear path, you will have a choice to buy the PDA for 250,000 bolts. The PDA lets you purchase ammo anywhere at 10 times the original price.

Titanium bolts

There is one bolt hidden on this planet.

  • From your ship, go into the caverns on the right. Walk down into the Gravity Boot funnel and when you come out of it, you will be faced with 2 laser sets you need to jump. Jump the first, then the second (which is shaped like an X). Just after you jump the second, the path will turn left. Before turning left, look over the edge into the icy water. You should see the titanium bolt on a small platform. From a ledge above or from the Gravity Boot surface above (walk off the edge), glide down onto the small platform and grab the titanium bolt.

Skill points

There is one skill point you can obtain.

Break the Snow Dan: Before the area with small ice platforms, look to your right and you should see something that you can wall jump. Wall jump there and on top should be the snowman. Hit it with your wrench for the point. The key to obtaining this skill point was to make sure and not double jump. The best way was to single jump and let your momentum take you to the far wall; once you hit, start wall jumping. If you double jump (use Clank's heli/jet pack), you are no longer able to wall jump.


  • Qwark: Before entering his room, there should be small yellow pod rooms. Hidden inside one of them resides the trophy.

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