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This is the walkthrough for the Annihilation Nation challenge, Qwarktastic Battle.


The prize for completing this challenge is 200,000 bolts. (2,000,000 in challenge mode)


Once you start the challenge you should notice that there are 100 rounds so save ammo. In normal mode keep using the Qwack-O-Ray and Shield Charger. Make sure that you do not fall into the lava when the electrical or saw platforms turn. You should get to the first boss battle with Gary and Helen. Now use more powerful weapons like the Annihilator or Plasma Coil. If you fully upgraded the Flux Rifle into the Splitter Rifle than use it against Gary and Helen in addition to Scorpio, you only need 7 or 8 Splitter Rifle rounds to down both of them. After they go down keep using the Qwack-o-Ray and shields again. Also use the Inferno Crates. You should also save shields for the last rounds. If you are still alive you should get to the last Scorpio round. Keep using more powerful weapons and he should go down and the challenge is over.

In challenge mode using Qwack-o-Ray or even Qwack-o-Blitzer doesn't help much. This time keep using the best guns in your weaponry. E.g., the Decimator, Plasma Coil, Multi-Disc Launcher and RY3NO are good weapons. Keep saving the RY3NO ammo and use it only for the hard rounds. If you run out of ammo use the PDA. Basically keep finishing the enemies with weapons and finish the bosses with the RY3NO and you should beat the challenge.

Hints and tips

  • Using weapons such as the Qwack-o-Ray and Suck Cannon on the easier rounds with Hover Bots saves you ammo for harder, timed or boss rounds. These are especially effected if upgraded as they can also damage larger enemies with their products (projectiles or phoenix's).
  • Using Inferno Crates also saves ammo and can help to save health particularly during rounds where the central turret is active.
  • Maxing out the upgrade of your Qwack-o-Ray to Omega Qwack-o-Blitzer  makes the challenge less difficult because the Omega Qwack-o-Blitzer is so powerful it transforms any enemy into a duck while the sheepinator simultaneously adds more damage and encourages less relaibility on ammo. Tip: Go to Koros (in challenge mode) and utilize this weapon it upgrades rapidly. I also recommend that you upgrade every weapon to Omega it makes playing less frustrating and less difficult.

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