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SPOILER WARNING: Plot details follow.
This article is about the R.Y.N.O. in Ratchet & Clank. For the R.Y.N.O. in Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters and Secret Agent Clank, see RYNO (PSP games). For other R.Y.N.O. weapons in other Ratchet & Clank games, see RYNO series.
RYNO weapons menu

The R.Y.N.O. in the Weapons menu in Ratchet & Clank

The Rip Ya A New One (abbreviated to R.Y.N.O. and, in newer games, RYNO) was a devastatingly powerful auto-targeting missile launcher developed by Gadgetron and the Blarg that was extremely rare and expensive. It fired seven individual missiles simultaneously, which immediately sought and destroyed various targets. It also had a high rate of fire, despite its size and caliber.

It was the most powerful missile launcher in Solana, and the ultimate in tactical offensive weaponry during the year 5354; however, the creation of its successors and other new weaponry rendered it obsolete; notably by the time of Ratchet: Deadlocked, the original R.Y.N.O. had been so defunct compared to the new technology, that the warbot Shellshock considered it to be a "sissy" in comparison to newer weapons like The Harbinger.

The original R.Y.N.O. could be considered the hardest to obtain in the series, because of the high price and lack of a bolt multiplier in the first game's Challenge Mode.

Ratchet & Clank

Originally manufactured by Gadgetron as the ultimate in tactical offensive weaponry, the R.Y.N.O. was only available from black market vendors. Featuring high-capacity, rapid-fire, auto-tracking missiles, this weapon was simply deemed too dangerous for civilian use.
―Gadgetron weapon description  [R&C]

The R.Y.N.O. was used at least in the Solana Galaxy and Bogon Galaxy[1]. It was a 9-barreled rocket launcher (which only fired 7 rockets), which—due to its power—was too dangerous for civilian use, and Gadgetron Corporation eventually took the weapon out of the market. Shady Salesman was able to get his hands on one by stealing it from the Blarg, as Clank mentioned, and offered to sell it to Ratchet and Clank in Blackwater City for 150,000 bolts. On purchase, Ratchet mentioned the weapon to be heavy.


The original R.Y.N.O. model

A single ammunition pack for the R.Y.N.O. was a blue steel box with a black mushroom cloud on a yellow background, which was unobtainable in the first game. However, during Drek"s battle, after he destroys a giant rock platform, Ratchet could be seen getting R.Y.N.O. ammunition. This was fixed in the PS3 (PSN) version.

The R.Y.N.O. in other games

Later, Gadgetron continued to market the weapon and even produced new weapons in the same series, such as the RYNO II, the RY3NO, The RYNO from the PSP games, the RYNO IV, the RYNO V and secretly the RYNO VI, the plans of which where sold to Nevo Binklemeyer of Planet Magnus who then adapted the technology to make the RYNO VI Protosuit. The R.Y.N.O.m and the RYNO VII were developed after this. In Going Mobile, Ratchet received the R.Y.N.O. after obtaining 30 titanium bolts. It was a rocket-launcher similar to the Devastator.



Behind the scenes

  • The R.Y.N.O. held only 10 rounds of max ammo in early version of the first game, but after playtesting, it was increased to 50 rounds. [verification needed]
  • In the Italian translation of Ratchet & Clank the R.Y.N.O. acronym was translated in M.I.P.S, which means "Muori In Pochi Secondi" (Die In a Matter of Seconds in Italian). However, in later games, the acronym was not translated.
  • In the French translation of Ratchet & Clank the R.Y.N.O. acronym was translated in T.E.L.T, which means "T'Éclater La Tronche" (Destroy Your Face in French). Unlike the Italian version, this was kept in the entire series.
  • In the Spanish translation of Ratchet & Clank the R.Y.N.O. acronym was translated in T.A.U.N., which means "Te Abro Una Nueva" (I Make You a New One in Spanish). This was kept in all the games.
  • The Gold R.Y.N.O. was cut from the final game (likely due to it being too overpowered); the regular R.Y.N.O. is powerful enough already. It is; however, possible to obtain a Gold R.Y.N.O. through hacking the game (manipulating the game"s code using third party programs or devices).
  • Ratchet got insulted when the Shady Salesman told Ratchet what "R.Y.N.O." stands for in Ratchet & Clank. This is because "rip ya a new one" is an insulting term which means "rip/tear you a new asshole," which is an idiom for "dominate/fight/defeat someone."
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Notes and references

  1. RYNO II help menu description: "The RYNO II was an upgrade to what was previously considered the most powerful missile launcher in the galaxy."
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