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The RY3NO (Rip Ya 3 New Ones) was a very powerful auto-targeting missile launcher manufactured by Gadgetron that launched eight separate missiles at its targets. The RY3NO was the first RYNO that could be upgraded. On level five it upgraded into the RYNOCIRATOR.

The RY3NO could destroy almost everything which you could see on the screen. However, it could not be upgraded to an Omega level unlike other weapons in Up Your Arsenal. This did not matter however, as it could instantly kill all non-boss enemies, besides the Mega bots. It was first available in challenge mode.


Version Functionality Range Power Ammo Exp. (1st play) Description
V1 8 Missiles Long 6000 25 20000 "The new and improved RYNO launches a salvo of eight mini missiles that can each lock on to a different enemy"
V2 Increased to 12 energy blasts Long 7000 30 30000 "launches 12 powerful energy blasts that seek enemies and disintigrates them"
V3 Increased to 14 energy blasts Long 8000 35 40000 "launches 14 powerful energy blasts that seek enemies and disintigrates them"
V4 Increased to 16 energy blasts Long 9000 40 50000 "launches 16 powerful energy blasts that seek enemies and disintigrates them"
RYNOCIRATOR (V5) Screen-blocking energy blast Long 10000 50 Full "generates a spectacular energy blast that obliterates anything foolish or unlucky enough to be caught in its path"


  • Brian Allgeier from Insomniac Games believed that RY3NO stood for 'Rip You 3 New Ones'.[1]
  • Although powerful it's highly ineffective against Dr.Nefarious as it only chips a little of his health. Unless the player has an abundance(a lot) of bolts, it is recommended to use only when he has low health.
  • This was also the first R.Y.N.O. in the series to have an upgrade in its maximum version. These traditions were included in the later games.


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