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This article explains how to use the RYNO II.

The weapon is fired normally. It releases extremely powerful rockets, one at a time, at a very fast rate. The RYNO II has one hundred ammunition, but despite this seemingly large amount of ammo, the weapon can run out very quickly due to its high rate of fire and limited auto-tracking abilities. Ammo is also fairly expensive at 50 bolts a rocket from Vendors, though ammo for this weapon can be found in crates (a first for the RYNO series), containing a maximum of 20 RYNO rockets a pickup. Because of all of this, it can be advisable to use other weapons to deal with easy enemies and save the RYNO II for tougher enemies.


You can beat almost everything in the game on foot with the RYNO II. The Snivelak boss can be beaten by using first-person mode, and firing at his torso (and refilling on ammo using crates all around the field, it actually uses double the maximum ammo to finish him).


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