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The R.Y.N.O. 4-Ever has been declared a myth by the Galactic Society of Implausible Weapon Designs. Rumours have persisted on the Holo-Web that this upgrade to the R.Y.N.O. IV is theoretically possible, but the subject is so controvesial that merely mentioning it has been grounds for six months in an intergalactic penitentiary. If you should hear any information about the R.Y.N.O. 4-Ever, letalone encounter the actual weapon itself, you are advised to cover your eyes and ears and loudly hum show tunes of choice. This weapon, should it even exist, is far too dangerous, illegal, and downright gameplay destabilizing to ever be used. Ever. We mean it.
―Weapon Description  [ToD]

The RYNO IV Extreme, also called the RYNO 4-Ever, was the RYNO IV upgraded to V5. Each laser had a damage of 1,406. An Omega Version for this weapon could be bought from the GrummelNet for 50,000,000 bolts. Within the game the weapon hads two different names. The official description of the RYNO IV Extreme titled the weapon as the RYNO 4-Ever, and this was also the title of this weapon's Omega version.


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