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This is the walkthrough for Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One.




  • Rooftop Amphithearter

Aldaros Plains

  • Detention Cell
  • Outside Receiving Station
  • Achapelago
  • Village Entrance
  • Village Outskirts

The Deadgrove

  • Orthani Gorge
  • Root Cavern
  • Access Shaft
  • Mining Camp
  • Abyss


Octonok Cay

  • Cove
  • W.A.S.P (Weather Alteration System Platform)
  • Reef Shallows
  • Octonok Lighthouse
  • Top Of Lighthouse

Terawatt Forest

  • Kaleero Trail
  • Rossa Fields
  • Gorthon Craters
  • Exploratorium Power Station
  • Hall Of Paradoxology (H.O.P)

Phonica Moon

  • Ornithopter Ascent
  • Phonica Craters
  • Security Tunnels
  • Dr. Croid's Secret Lab

Polar Sea

  • Middle Of Nowhere
  • Polar Ice Floes
  • Valley Floor

Uzo City

  • City Ruins
  • City
  • Vilerog Plateau
  • Ephemeris


Location descriptions


Luminopolis is dark themed city that runs on the power of light. When starting the level, the Z'Grute will be seen ravaging through the city.

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