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This is the walkthrough for Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time.




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Great Clock: Sector One

Straight after Clank escapes, you will see a very steampunk place, full of clockwork like cogs, springs and other mechanical parts. You will be walking on glass most of the time as Clank.


Quantos is a forest like world, where Aphelion crashes on. You will be with Qwark here, and you will encounter a friendly race being kidnapped at the hands of Lord Vorselon.

Vorselon's Warship

A large green ship with a unique shape that drifts around the Phylax sector. When landing, you will see a lot of thrusters and jets.

Phylax Gamma

Phylax Gamma is a spherical moon which is predominately a platforming moon, with some combat elements. You will recognise it from its red, lava surface.

Phylax Tau

Tau is a difficult combat moon, which has a silver, metal, flat surface.

Great Clock: Sector Two

Sector Two is where you meet Sigmund and follow him. You will be doing numerous puzzles here with Clank, and even going in Clank's subconscious.

Torren IV

Torren IV is an arid, rocky world. You will see some epic architecture in the distance, somehow resembling wrenches.


Terachnos is the home of Axiom City, a giant megalopolis in the night. You will be seeing futuristic buildings, a lot of Qwark advertisements and flying cars. Resembles Blackwater City.


Landing on Lumos, you will be in these caves called Odin Caves. Be careful of the swarms of Tetramites as they can kill you in under 5 seconds.

Agorian Battleplex

The Agorian Battleplex is a giant spaceship in the Korthos sector. Landing in it, you will see a hall. Proceeding further, you will be in an arcade with loads of Terachnoids and Agorians. This is the place for arena challenges.


Zanifar is a snowy planet, but a victim of the time crisis. Travelling back in time, you will see lots of Fongoids in a grassy and vegetated wonderland. Meanwhile, Zanifar in the present is full of Fongoids trapped in Detainment Camps.


Vapedia is a vegetated planet, but you will be spending your time in the sky, on islands that have been hovering thousands of miles up in the air.

Nefarious Space Station

Nefarious Space Station is a space station shaped like Nefarious's head. You will be spending most of your time on floating rocks, but soon after you will enter the station, which bears resembles to the interior of Vorselon's warship.


Morklon is a backwater city that seems almost dead. Find a single Fongoid there, but travel back in time and you will see a giant Agorian invasion, when Morklon used to be a lush and vegetated place.

Insomniac Moon

Insomniac Moon is an office-style place with cut content displayed.

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