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This is the walkthrough for Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction.





Kerwan is a large, bustling cityscape. Many tall buildings are built right into the sky. However, right now it is under attack by an army of heavily armed ameoboids.


Cobalia is one of the richest sources of Gelatonium in the Polaris Galaxy. In the wilderness lives many bugs and Basilisk Leviathans.


Planet Kortog is mostly gaseous. Stratus city floats high above the core.


Fastoon used to be home to the Lombaxes, but it has been destroyed.

Voron Asteroid Belt

To get from Fastoon to Mukow, you need to travel through the pirate infested asteroid belt.


Mukow is a water planet with a few mountains sticking out of the water. The Imperial Fight Festival is built here.

Nundac Asteroid Ring

A collection of asteroids. In the center is the Apogee station.


Ardolis is the location of the space pirate's base. No adventurer has ever made it out alive.

Rakar Star Cluster

Rykan V is surrounded by a cluster of stars. The pirates also are here.

Rykan V

Rykan V is a lava covered planet. There are lava refineries and an abandoned Lombax research center.


Sargasso is a swampy planet and home to many Basilisk Leviathans. The Lombax testing facilityu is located near a Kerchu gelatonium outpost.

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