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"Space, a wondrous realm where heroes are forged, a place of peril and adventure, and... and ARGH! I can't do this!"
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Ratchet was a Lombax native to the planet Fastoon who saved several galaxies from disaster with his robot friend Clank. He was a fun-living, wrench-swinging guy who always loved to get into an adventure without really thinking about the risks and odds. He made many sarcastic comments and jokes and could take things personally, but after a series of adventured became somewhat more mature and serious. He enjoyed swinging down zip-lines and using his Swingshot.

Ratchet was often considered a sidekick to Clank by many different people in the galaxy, this even made Ratchet became jealous of Clank in some situations, such as when Clank had his own Secret Agent holo-vision series. Ratchet was rarely given credit for his heroic work, Qwark often took much of the credit instead despite being a villain and coward in several situations, however Ratchet's friends did understand exactly what he had done, and he often took comfort in that.

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