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Artemis Zogg was a male Markazian politician. During his career he was the Minister of Defense of the Polaris Galaxy, bureaucrat in Meridian City and later became a planet thief after losing out on the position of Galactic President to Copernicus Qwark. He then formed his own galaxy stealing other planets for inclusion.

Working as the Minister of Defense Artemis Zogg designed a protection plant that could be powerful enough to end natural disasters and intergalactic crime for good. With the help of Max Apogee, Artemis Zogg discovered that with the trans-dimensional power of the Surinox Shard, found by Max during his Lombax research, he could create Helios. Thus, Artemis Zogg began the Helios Program; however he wasn't able to start work on it due to his various defense jobs. When Qwark won the election to be come Galactic President the project was set to be shut down.

Artemis Zogg moved the project to the Vartax outpost instead. The betrayed and angry Markazian felt no one else had cared about all the generous things he had done for the galaxy as a loyal public servant for many years. Artemis Zogg decided that he would steal every planet from the universe and create a whole new galaxy, the "Artemis Galaxy", with the use of Helios. He greatly admired Ratchet and Clank but knew they would be a threat to his plans and soon into the creation of his galaxy he had them detained.

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