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TOD Nanotech

Nanotech was technology that consisted of nanomites (nanobots) living in many living organisms, robots and other technology such as weapons. Nanomites then repaired the being they were inside, or performed other tasks such as upgrading weapons. Originally Nanotech was just used to improve health, however as technology advanced weapons became more and more upgradable.

Nanotech allowed the living organisms and robots to take damage without dying, being destroyed or being seriously harmed, instead Nanotech was lost. Only so much Nanotech could be held at one time, however as technology advanced it was possible to upgrade this limit by defeating enemies as nanomites could then be absorbed from the defeated enemy. When enough enemies were defeated to fill the Nanotech level meter or experience bar an extra amount of Nanotech could be held, and the current Nanotech was restored to maximum if needed. Nanotech could also be restored by collecting it from Nanotech crates where it was contained in a spherical shape known as a Nanohealth Orb, the nanomites then repaired the being or robot to an extent, restoring health. When a being had full Nanotech, it could also be known to have full health. Collecting Nanotech improved health. Nanotech was stored in a Nanotech health level meter, when it reached zero the being either fell unconscious or died.

GrummelNet developed a device called the Leech Bomb which functioned similarly to the Nanoleech mod and absorbed Nanotech health from enemies, the Mega Leech Bomb took more health and dealt more damage.

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