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Lord Flint Vorselon was a powerful Terraklon assassin and mercenary. After a battle on planet Zaurik, he lost his organic body and was forced to adopt a new cyborg body. Vorselon went on to become a feared tyrant in the Breegus System of the Polaris Galaxy, selling his services to the highest bidder and traveling in his personal warship. At some point, Dr. Nefarious recruited him to be field enforcer of his army, promising to restore his original body with the power of the Great Clock, and the warlord became fanatically loyal to the mad scientist. He was recognized for his extreme sense of drama. He was later vanquished once and for all on his warship by Ratchet and Clank.

Vorselon was one of the many Terraklons, who were known for stealing and making terror in the Polaris Galaxy. He was a Terraklon assassin, one of the best until his defeat. Vorselon and his vast army challenged their worst enemies, the Drophyds, to a battle on their own home planet of Zaurik, and fight in what is sometimes declared a war. They accepted and fought, but, utimately, however, being out numbered and not fully armed, Vorselon lost the war and his body, leaving it crushed and abandoned under a boulder on Zaurik, leaving only his head remaining. After breaking into into GrummelNet HQ in Meridian City with his remaining army, Vorselon stole an artificial robotic hi-tech protection battle suit, with water in his life support tank at the top, which Vorselon apparently needed to survive. It is unknown how a disembodied head was able to accomplish this. Years later, Vorselon, now no longer accepted by his race, became a mercenary.

Years later, Vorselon kidnapped Kerchu Ambassador Boogoh, but was caught and sentenced for life in Zordoom Prison. Around the events of Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction the Terraklon's homeworld, Terraklon Six, was destroyed by a supernova, so they were released from Zordoom, and free to wonder the galaxy in search of a new place to live. Vorselon, as he was sentenced for life, however, was indeed still kept in prison. He was mentioned over the speakers of Zordoom. He later escaped. After his escape he met Dr. Nefarious, who had agreed to help Vorselon by preventing his loss to the Drophyds by using the Great Clock to turn back time and making him his new partner. Vorselon gladly accepted the doctor's offer and was given part of his robotic army, Nefarious's trooper's, and a new warship, simply known as Vorselon's ship.

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