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The Aphelion was a Lombax ship shot down on Fastoon during Tachyon's invasion. It was later repaired by Ratchet when he was stranded on Fastoon, Ratchet then continued to use it as his own ship for the events afterwards, including several instances of space combat. There were two words written in Lombax on the Aphelion; one read as "Aphelion" and the second one as "angel". The Aphelion was the first ship Ratchet came across that could speak.

The Aphelion was originally constructed by the Lombaxes, presumably as a defensive fighter as it was armed. During Percival Tachyon's invasion of Fastoon the Aphelion was used to attack Drophyd forces at the Court of Azimuth, it was here that the ship was shot down by a Drophyd fighter using seeker ammo. The damaged ship was then left on Fastoon as the planet was abandoned.

Many years later, Ratchet landed on Fastoon and needed to find a way to get off of the planet. He came across the damaged Aphelion and found that it needed six parts. He then found all of the pieces needed for the ship's repair scattered in six different locations on the planet. After repairing the ship, he found that the ship could perform space travel. The Aphelion thanked Ratchet for fixing her and identified him as a Lombax. Ratchet used the Aphelion's HD-800 screen to view a Holo-Vite from Qwark inviting him to the Imperial Fight Festival on Mukow. The Aphelion took off with Ratchet and Clank to Mukow. The Aphelion then became Ratchet's ship, taking him all over galaxy to whatever planets he needed to go to. She traveled with Ratchet and Clank to four sectors of Polaris, on Rykan V, the Aphelion even assisted Ratchet and Clank during a HALO jump with Cronk and Zephyr.

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