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"Space, a wondrous realm where heroes are forged, a place of peril and adventure, and... and ARGH! I can't do this!"
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Captain Starshield, formerly known as Private Starshield, was an intergalactic hero born in Metropolis, Kerwan. He saved several galaxies, and many planets before being lured into the Shadow Sector by a phantom distress signal where he was forced to compete in the illegal combat sport DreadZone.

In DreadZone, Starshield quickly became the number one ranking contestant. In his first day, he wiped out a years' production of DZ Strikers, and reached the rank of Vindicator within one week. After two weeks he had broken many records and other contestants refused to face him, except for Ace Hardlight who shot him in the back with a Quantum-Demoleculizer.

Starshield first operated under the rank of "Private", where he had the shiniest toilets in his unit, showing his potential from an early start. According to a Vox News Update about Captain Starshield's origins he had saved many galaxies. In galactic date G2.16.918 he saved the Solana Galaxy from a robot ghost pirate invasion. He also saved the Thyrullian Galaxy on two separate occasions from ravenous space locusts. One month prior to his forced participation in DreadZone, Captain Starshield was voted Citizen of the Millennium in Metropolis.

After entering the Shadow Sector Captain Starshield went missing along with several other heroes of Metropolis. He had actually been tricked into following a phantom distress signal. A Vox News update suggested Sasha Phyronix may have been involved in an attempt to hide how Starshield had been forced to take part in DreadZone, an illegal combat sport run by Vox Industries. Captain Starshield quickly established himself as a powerful competitor, setting records at a fast pace. The reputation he had built while competing had caused the Exterminators to refuse to fight Starshield except for undefeated Exterminator champion Ace Hardlight who set up a life-or-death battle with him. During the battle Captain Starshield destroyed several DZ Strikers before he was shot from behind with an illegal Quantum-Demoleculizer Hardlight had secretly obtained from Juanita.

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