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"Space, a wondrous realm where heroes are forged, a place of peril and adventure, and... and ARGH! I can't do this!"
Captain Qwark — Loudspeaker Listen (file info)[src]

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Starship Phoenix

The Starship Phoenix was the flagship and the biggest pride of the galactic fleet. Ratchet, after defeating the Thyrranoids on Veldin, was called by Capitain Sasha, the commander of the starship, to meet her there after finding Qwark on Florana.

The Phoenix had a long list of impressive (and comical) amenities including a VR Deck, a tropical habitat (specially designed for Captain Qwark), and a VG9000 game system, the most advanced videogame of the galaxy, where it was possible to play the Qwark Vid-Comics. Ratchet was truly impressed, not only by the starship, but also by Captain Sasha.

Ratchet later became the new Captain of the Phoenix as Sasha had became Mayor of Metropolis. It was here that they were ambushed by Gleeman Vox's minions, who intended to force Ratchet to compete on DreadZone. It was later succeeded by the Starship Phoenix II.

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