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"Space, a wondrous realm where heroes are forged, a place of peril and adventure, and... and ARGH! I can't do this!"
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Emperor Percival Tachyon was as a male Cragmite. Tachyon was crowned prince of the Cragmites and believed he was destined to lead an empire to rule the Polaris Galaxy, return the Cragmites and later the entire universe. To show his position of power, Tachyon wore a crown with a large red jewel and carried a scepter. He was notably recognized for having a short and not-so-fearful appearance. Tachyon compensated for this by traveling atop a giant walking throne, having undoubtedly strict authority, and a powerful voice.

Long before Tachyon was born, the Cragmite Empire rose to power and began to take over the Polaris galaxy. The Great War was started when the Lombax race opposed the Cragmite Empire. At some point before or during the war, to preserve their legacy, the Cragmites placed one of theirs on the Kreeli Comet in hopes that the hatchling would be able to one day carry on their lineage should they be defeated. That dormant child was Percival Tachyon, kept safe but unaware of the hostile war ragging in the galaxy. Eventually, the legendary "Lombax Secret", a mysterious device created by the Lombax leaders, was used to transport all of the Cragmites to another dimension, X2-49.

However dring an expedition to the Kreeli Comet, a small frozen Cragmite was found. When the frozen cragmite was released, the Lombaxes recognized the tiny creature as a Cragmite. Normally, upon discovering a Cragmite in the galaxy, the Lombaxes would have killed it to keep Polaris safe. However, this Cragmite was small, defenseless, and seemingly feeble. Out of pity, the Lombaxes took the young Tachyon to their home planet of Fastoon and raised him. However, after a number of years, Tachyon somehow stumbled upon his true origins. He learned that he was a Cragmite, and discovered that the other Cragmites were sent away to an alternate dimension by the Lombaxes, using a mysterious treasure known as the "Lombax Secret".

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