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This is the walkthrough for Ratchet & Clank.






Veldin is a rocky, dry planet. The skies are full of giant birds and planets can be seen in the sky. This planet is not very civilised, but towards the east, small skyscrapers are seen in the sky.


Novalis is a terrestrial place, with the right balance of greenery and water. It resembles Earth a lot; however, is being bomarded by the cowardly, but passionate race called the Blarg. There is a large river running through the giant crater that the civilians reside in. Outside the crater a small city can be seen looking over the crater. Next to the landing zone, caves and sewers occupy the area.


Aridia has a barren, muddy climate. You will see a large sea of mud to the east, which dominates the area. To your north, is the Outpost - a compound of buildings. To the south is a barren place, where Skid McMarx is met, the green creature in the previous trailer.


Kerwan is a large megapolis, full of buildings and futuristic places. Flying cars will go past usually, as it is a busy planet.


Eudora is a lush, vegetated planet, full of trees. The Blarg race are planning to harvest from its vast forests, but are also planning to destroy it. You will see many loggers and flying vehicles that will soon cut down trees.

Blarg Tactical Station

The Blarg Tactical Station, is a spacestation, set in Nebula G34. When landing, you will be in a room, floating in space. The interior is mostly futuristic, and going to the left will result in Clank exploring the exterior. Going to the right means going through a tough series of obstacles and enemies.


Rilgar is a nightlife, cityscape planet. It's set at night, and you will be frequently seeing and going through the city centre. Enclosing the skyscrapers is a black sea, hence the city being called Blackwater City.


Umbris is an arid, dry planet. Within it, is a gauntlet: a series of puzzles, enemies and traps.


Batalia is a lush, rainforest-like world. It's set and night, and notably: it's heavily guarded and under attack. Aid the Commando, while surving the warzone.


Gaspar is a hot volcanic planet. The first thing you are likely to see is lava, magma and rock. Watch out though, the enemies are not the only danger, you will have to keep your eye out for the meteors that are continually bombarding the planet.


Orxon is a highly polluted world, and when first landing, you will have to explore with Clank, as Ratchet cannot breathe in the toxic air.


Pokitaru is a tropical planet, famous for its beaches. You will mainly see coastline and ocean here.


Hoven is an icy, cold world. The main features are its mountains, and snow. The water here is so cold, it will freeze Ratchet, and stepping on the ice will cause Ratchet to lose control when walking.

Gemlik Base

The Gemlik Base, is an outerspace base. Unlike the Blarg Tactical Station, this is mostly set in the exterior of the station. It is in orbit over a planet.


Oltanis is a cold and wrecked place. The Blarg have nearly destroyed the city, and most of the time you will be skating on thin ice.


Quartu is much like Aridia, but you will be seeing infinite, green air that you fall in if you fall off a ledge and lots of caves.

Kalebo III

On this planet, you will mainly be seeing a civilized base, oceans and the Gadgetron logo.


You will be back at Veldin, but this time it is in evening.

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