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Gotta love Razor Claws. Lethal, precise, and stunning to look at! Like me, Captain Qwark!
Copernicus Qwark  [ToD]

The Razor Claws were a pair of wrist-mountable laser splitter claws that slashed enemies. They were first available for purchase on planet Jasindu for 125,000 bolts. The claws' range was slightly longer than the wrench's. The Razor Claws were extremely powerful, dealing 892 damage at V1 without Raritanium upgrades, and could even cut through enemies' shields. With all of their available Raritanium upgrades, and at V5, the Razor Claws could reach a maximum of 2,219 damage. Each strike powered up the claws for a combo, indicated by the color of the claws changing from yellow to red. The claws maintained this combo even if their user switched to another weapon, and lost it when their user took damage. The amount of damage dealt during this combo could be improved with the Fission Accelerator Raritanium upgrade. The claws could also preform air strikes in addition to just slashing. The Razor Claws were also good for collecting bolts and Raritanium, as they would also yield large sums of bolts and Raritanium from enemies they killed when upgraded with More bolts and More Raritanium upgrades, respectively. At V5, the Razor Claws upgraded into the Shredder Claws, which had wider blue blades and released a burst of Floomis energy on their third strike.


Damage increased by 20% of previous damage every upgrade. Weapon damage (without Raritanium upgrades):

  • V1: 893
  • V2: 1,070
  • V3: 1,284
  • V4: 1,541
  • V5: 1,894

Raritanium upgrades


Wall Clawing

Razor Claws

The Razor Claws, or any upgraded version of them, allowed you to scale pretty much any vertical wall, cliff or rock - allowing you to get to many areas not meant to be able to access. To use them, you had to make sure there was no playable/death barrier obsturcting the wall, and make sure it was relatively smooth or not at least uneven. Once you had equipped the Razor Claws, hold R2 and high jump into the air close to the wall, attack the wall with the Razor Claws, keep R2 held down, then high jump again on contact and repeat. When finishing the aerial attack from the razor claws, you would automatically land back on your feet, even though there was nothing there to stand on.

Air Clawing

Another glitch was the "Air Claw." This allowed you to jump (or in this case claw your way) to far distances that would be otherwise inaccessible via gliding. You had to equip the Razor Claws or any version of them to go up to a cliff, or a gap between two objects. Then, you must hold R2, high jump into the air and press circle - activating the Razor Claws. In the previous sequence, you must have held R2, and still do not let go. Once you scythed down with the Razor Claws, make sure you didn't hit anything but open space. The Razor Claws would take the open space as simply some ground, so for a second it would act as if you came in contact with the ground. Right after this misprogramming occurred, Ratchet could jump then automatically long jump (because you were holding R2) to a distant location. All of this had to be done fluidly in order to reach the location. This glitch however, involved much more practice than the previous, and involved jumping at the right time after coming in contact with 'fake ground'.


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