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This guy's a big, thick slab of beef, honestly. Reactor's primary forms of attack are easy-to-dodge ray beams that shoot from his hands and shoulder tackle, so stay at long range as often as you can, for as long as you can. Your Arbiter and Fusion Rifle work niecely here, whittling away his health at a steady rate. When Reactor retreats across the arena, he fires a salvo of radioactive blast at you, each one which leaves a lethal bubbling trail on the floor. They're slow, so you can avoid them fairly easily, but do not get trapped between the floor trails. Doing so makes it nearly impossible to avoid Reactor's follow-up barrage of laser blast. Be ready for one final attack from Reactor. In a last desprate attempt to wipe your existence from the galaxy, he slams the ground with his mighty metallic fist. Just leap back-ward to avoid the resulting shockwave.


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