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Booty is in The Eye Of The Beholder

  • 1st- On top of the first platforming section.
  • 2nd- On top of the elevator ride.
  • 3rd- In the top left corner of the first disappearing platform section.
  • 4th- Above the last skull-thrower pirate.

Arriba Amoeba

  • 1st- Once you get the gun and fight a few Amoeboids, it's on the ledge that they jump down from.
  • 2nd- Once you get the second gun, get on the moving platform and wall jump on the building with the pink sign.
  • 3rd- After jump between the electric fences, punch the wall to the left and jump down.
  • 4th- On the last moving platforms segment before the end, wall jump on the last platform to the left and punch down the wall.
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