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This is the walkthrough for Reepor.

The level starts with a HALO jump, it's fairly easy to avoid the rockets if you keep moving in a circular motion around the edge of the screen, but only move when rockets are near to you. There is only one path through this level.

Drophyd attack

First wave

Ratchet Reepor

Ratchet strafing to avoid fire from a Drophyd Walker

When you land Cronk, Zephyr and Talwyn will take cover behind several objects as heavily armed Drophyds come out of two forcefields on the left and right forcefields in front of you. A good tactic for this section is to put Nano Swarmers and Plasma Beasts in front of the cover Cronk and Zephy are using. Then stay behind Cronk and Zephyr while returning fire and strafing. If you get low on health simply retreat to the GrummelNet vendor behind you and press triangle to have your health restored. After a while a Drophyd walker will come from one of the focefields and take up a central position some distance in front of you and will start strafing. Once you have dealt with the normal Drophyds move a bit nearer to the walker and use either the Alpha Cannon or the Judicator to destroy it. Then retreat back to the GrummelNet vendor again.

Second wave

Shortly after destroying the walker two Tachyon Gunships appear from each side of Ratchet, continue to stay some distance away from them and focus on one side at a time while dodging. Once you have destroyed two on one side you can move as close as you like to the other two without having to worry about your back. While you are doing this more Drophyd's will come through the two forcefields, so you need to watch out for them firing at you, you can always retreat for more health or ammo as before. Continue to pick off the Drophyds as they attack; however, you do not need to stay near the cover this time as long as you are good at strafing, if possible stick to the right side so you can see all the enemies at the same time.

After a short while two Drophyd Walkers will arrive, one from each side. At this point it's best to retreat to a safer area again as the walkers move forward until they are quite close to your retreated position. The best tactic for dealing with these two is to head to the one on the right first, then tilt the camera so you can still see the one on the left, now you can avoid both Walker's attacks towards you while firing on the one on the right - you may need to retreat for health and ammo several times while doing this. It's important at this time to keep moving at all times.

After destroying the two walkers, three gunships will appear behind the section where you started off. It's best to keep a reasonable distance away form them and destroy them as quickly as possible using the Judicator or other reasonable powerful weapon. The Judicator is ideal as it fires three missiles, and if you aim at he one in the centre it should destroy or damage more than one of them at a time.

Third wave

Ratchet alpha cannon

Ratchet charging the Alpha Cannon for use against a Drophyd Cyclocannon

As soon as the three are destroyed turn around as two ships carrying many Drophyds will have just finished deploying their troops, and more Drophyds will be coming out of the forcefields again. The simplest way of doing this is to repeat the tactics from earlier and use the vendor to restore health, where possible keep all enemies in the screen at once and flank them so that they may end up destroying their own comrades and also so you can damage more than one enemy at a time. Shielded enemies can easily be taken care of by using the Mag-Net Launcher and then switching weapons to destroy them. After this yet another two walkers will come out of the two forcefields, where again you should repeat the tactic used earlier of staying on the right to destroy one of them, and then moving closer to the other.

Gunnery outposts

After the short cutscene stand back so that you cannot see the two gunnery out posts on each side and take out any Drophyds who are attacking you, then start with the outpost on the left. There will b a Drophyd Cyclocannon there, so use a powerful weapon like the Alpha Cannon to take it out before moving away from cover. then you have to wait until Cronk destroys the forcefield. On the inside three shielded Drophyds will be waiting for you, the Mag-Net Launcher deals with them quite well again but the Lightning Ravager also works well as it's a confined area. You must then stand on all three red glowing pads within a short space of time to de-active the next forcefield, this is easy to do by simply running to each one. Zephyr will then take control of the turret turret and you can return outside again.

When you return outside two more Cyclocannons will appear. Retreat back inside the Gunnery outpost so you can tilt the camera to see where they are shooting without being hit, then come out from cover, damage them and retreat again until they cease to fir again. Repeat this until they are destroyed. There are also some Drophyds outside so it's better to stay on the left of the entrance to the outpost where they cannot harm you until you have destroyed the two Cyclocannons. Once you have destroyed the Drophyds if you have lost any health at this point run back the vendor and stock up on ammo as well, three squadrons of Drophyds will be dropped off by transports outside the second gunnery outpost. Destroy the three squads using the same tactics used throughout this level, start on the squad on your left (when facing the second outpost) and work your way towards the other gunnery outpost - this way you will not be flanked by enemies. As you approach the second outpost two shielded Drophyds will run outside, destroy them and Cronk will destroy the forcefield again, do not enter straight away as another Cyclocannon is waiting inside, instead repeat the tactic used earlier by using the entrance to the outpost as cover to destroy it. Once this is done de-active the interior forcefield in like you did earlier and Cronk will take over the second gunnery outpost.

Ratchet and Clank Reepor

Ratchet and Clank wait while Cronk and Zephyr destroy the forcefield

As you head back out side again two gunships will deploy two more squads of Drophyds. Destroy the in the usual ways; however, watch out for the transports as they will now fire at you until they leave the area. After destroying the squads Cronk and Zephy will fire the cannons and destroy the forcefield, allowing you and Talwyn to enter.

Behind the forcefield

After walking up to the now de-activated forcefield a large platform will drop down to ground level, with a Drophyd Walker on top of it. Destroy the walker while strafing and then replenish you health and/or ammo with the GrummelNet vendor near the start before stepping on to the platform. On the left of the platform (at ground level) a chest of Raritanium and some crates can be found. As soon as the platform reaches the higher level another walker will exit out of a forcefield, repeat the same method of destroying it as you used before you used the platform. After doing this head towards the large wall of black rock where Clank will be able to use the Geo-Laser, this wall is on the right of the forcefield. After doing this there are two lots of crates to destroy, and then an elevator to stand on, when you reach to top walk down the corridor and a cutscene will start.



Clank reepor

Clank with the Zoni

You will now start as Clank on his own. Walk down two steps and punch the three enemies waiting for you, slow time to make it easier to do this. In a small cavern on the left you will find three Zoni to help you. After telling them to Follow three glowing spots on the ground will appear, allowing you to tell the Zoni to Manipulate and clear the path for you. Avoid three jets of gas in the path in front of you and then tell another three Zoni to follow. You will then need to tell one of them to charge up the device next to the path in front of you to turn the bridge around. On the platform there are several more enemies, stay back and allow the Zoni to deal with them for you. Then order the Zoni to Manipulate again, allowing you to reach the next platform.Again either slow time or let the Zoni deal with the three enemies waiting there. After this get the Zoni to charge up another two devices to make another bridge turn again. Follow the on-screen prompts and order the Zoni to manipulate again. Follow the new path to the end where five Zoni are needed to charge several devices. You only have four left at this point so levitate across the nearby ledge containing some crates. Go past the sections of dangerous gas coming from the ground, watch the gas for a while to get used to the pattern then move across, slowing time at the same time. At the end you will find several more Zoni, tell them to follow and jump down to the platform you were originally on, then follow the path back to where you were before and tell the Zoni to charge.

From the newly accessible platform levitate down onto the rock covered with enemies, slow time and destroy them before continuing down the rocky path. and ordering the Zoni to yet again Manipulate the rocks. When you reach the next set of gas vents slow time to get past them without taking damage and walk down the rest of the path where a cutscene will start.


Ratchet seperated Reepor

Ratchet while separated from Clank on Reepor

Start of by jumping across the sections of rock - remember that you do not have Clank as a backpack! When you reach the end you will battle with two Cragmites, they move quickly and teleport so fire in bursts and keep moving. When destroyed they will explode into many smaller Cragmites seen when playing as Clank, destroy these with a weapon such as the Nitro Reaper which is good against groups of weaker enemies. There is health on a rock to your right but you can always head back towards the new GrummelNet vendor where Ratchet first landed. After moving through a metal doorframe-like object two plant like creatures will pop up from the ground releasing small Cragmites to attack you, a Cragmite will also teleport into range to attack you. KIll these by moving and retreat if you need to take cover in order to take them down one at a time. Focus on the Cragmite first while avoiding the smaller enemies and then destroy the plant like beings before finishing off the remaining Cragmites. If get low on health remember to return to the vendor. The Mag-Net launcher is very useful against he teleporting Cragmites as it will keep them in one place for a while.

After Swingshoting down the next section you will be at a larger area where several Cragmites attack you. Keep moving and use the Mag-Net Launcher to keep enemies in one place. Using the Groovitron may also help you if you find there are too many enemies for you to deal with. You will now reach a checkpoint and several rocks will fall in front of you, allowing you to reach the next GrummelNet vendor and the next section of the planet. After crossing the sections of rock there will be four creatures releasing small Cragmites, destroy them in the same way as you did earlier - the Incinerator and Nitro Reaper are good for this. Swingshot to the next section where more Cragmites will attack in pairs. Repeat the techniques used earlier to destroy them, and again use a Groovitron if you need to. Jump onto the new rock platforms and then stand on the large metal platform in front of you, it will slowly lower you to the ground where you will meet up with Cronk, Zephy, Talwyn and Clank, ending the level.


Gold bolts

  • From the Aphelion, go back to the area you went when Ratchet was separated from Clank and go to the second fallen stalactite. From there a platform will be found on the left wall near the bottom with a Heli-Pod suspended just slightly above tit. Jump down to the low platform and raise it with a Heli-Pod then Follow the path to the gold bolt.
  • Backtrack some more until you reach the Weapons Vendor. Look behind this Vendor to see a series of large flat stones stacked on top of one another. They essentially form steps to a much higher platform, on which sits the other gold bolt.

Skill points

Gotta Catch 'Em All

This skill point is worth ten points. To gain "Gotta Catch 'Em All" hit all Cragmite soldiers with the Mag-Net Launcher. The easiest way to do this is to complete the level once, then come back before completing the game. Go up the elevator behind Ratchet's ship, and cross the platforms. There should be a lone cragmite enemy. Kill him using the Mag-Net Launcher. This skill point's name is a reference to the Pokémon franchise's catchphrase.

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