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Rescue Clank from the Thief is a one of the missions Ratchet had to complete in Megapolis, on planet Endako.

Ratchet was at the Maktar Resort when he saw footage of the Thief torturing Clank in Endako, so that he went to liberate his companion.

In Megapolis the Thief was holding Clank in a pit, strapped to an electric chair with which he shocked the robot as a warning to Ratchet.

In order to free Clank, Ratchet had to go through a large part of the city, which was crawling with malfunctioning robots, making it a dangerous trek. However, Ratchet managed to get to Clank despite the robotic resistance.

As Ratchet was looking into the pit where Clank was being held, the Thief snuck up on him and pushed him in with Clank in an attempt to stop them from rescuing the Protopet.

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