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The Rift Inducer was a Gadgetron weapon that created black holes that would suck up any enemy that was near. Until it was upgraded into the Rift Ripper, The Rift Inducer was more useful against small enemies in large packs, as Bosses and very large enemies could not be sucked into black holes. Ratchet could get this weapon at Lot 42 in the Holostar Studios for 180,000 bolts. The black holes would combine into a bigger one if more than one black hole was close to another. After reaching a certain level, the Rift Inducer would create holes that shock enemies if they do not get sucked in fast enough. The shocking would not kill the enemies, but would weaken them to the point of being vulnerable to the black hole. This weapon seems to create an inconsistency in the series. The in-game description stated that enemies were transported to "unknown dimensions."


GrummelNet released a modified version of the Rift Inducer, it is possible Gadgetron provided them with the technology to create it. They also added a 5000 suffix to it. This version released a portal with a hungry alien creature called 'Fred'. He pulled in any enemies that were in his range, and would hit them with incredible power if they were too large for him to grab.


  • The equipping sound of this weapon was the same as the Meteor Gun.


Version Functionality Power
V1 Creates black hole that sucks up enemies 1,000
V2 Rifts will combine if near 1,300
V3 Lock-on mod 1,500
V4 More Damage 1,700
Rift Ripper Rifts shock enemies 2,000


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