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Enemies encountered:

Mist Trooper

Mist Tank


Sharkagator (invincible)

This is the walkthrough for Rilgar in Ratchet & Clank.

Rilgar is the seventh level of Ratchet & Clank. There are two paths of Blackwater City, two gold bolts, and three skill points.

Path to Hoverboard races

When you arrive, there will be two path choices: one with Versa-targets, and one without. For now, enter the path without. Continue until the first elevator, as this path is quite straightforward, apart from a jump that only requires patience and practice. When you get to this elevator, ride it to the top, and exit. There will be Mist Troopers, and caged Amoeboids. Defeat the Mist troopers and use the button to defeat the Amoeboids separately, or push the nearby button and escape, and clean up whatever enemies are left. Continue, defeat the further Amoeboids, and enter the taxi. On this next segment, allow the Amoeboids and Mist Troopers to defeat each other, and then pick off the rest. Flamethrower shots into the tank, until it explodes. Talk to the Smuggler, who will offer the RYNO for 150,000 bolts. If you have the money, buy it. If not, don't. It will come in handy in the next level

Continue until you enter a cave with a pit. Here, there are a few options.

  1. Defeat the Amoeboids, step on the button, defeat the Mist troopers;
  2. Step on the button, defeat everything.
  3. Step on the button, and run like a maniac to the exit.

Once here, you will enter a maze. This maze is pretty straightforward, just step on the button that releases a forcefield. It is a good idea to have a glove of doom activated before stepping on the button. After about five minutes, Ratchet will exit the maze. Step on the "sewer lid" and defeat the Mist tank. Continue, and soon you will reach the Race Girl. Before starting the race, access the gate before the edge, and defeat the mist troopers inside. Return to the race girl, and press Triangle to enter the race.

The Hoverboard race

Once you enter the race, the best idea is to keep hitting most if not all boosts, which are the green arrows and the white rings. Also, hit most jumps, by pressing 'X' at the end of the jump. After the first turn, on the lower track there is a small jump, and this jump can be used to get onto the upper pathway. However, boost is needed for the whole jump, and you must jump off the rightmost point of the jump. This jump is an "all or nothing" scenario, where the two outcomes are success, with a greater chance at winning, and failure which is usually crashing, which can take as much as 5 seconds of the time, with a greater chance at losing.

The sewers

To start in the direction of the sewers, long-jump onto the boat, and then swingshot twice onto the second boat. From here, swingshot into the elevator and stand on the button. Use the Hydrodisplacer that you should have gotten from the BTS, and drain the pool. Now, climb up the stairs at the other end, and use the water in the Hydrodisplacer to fill the second pool. Swim through until you reach the grates, and one wrench hit is enough to deal with them. Drain the next pool and destroy the grates here. Now we have two choices (with the same end result), go back, refill the pool, and swim through; or climb out via the lights around the pool. Either way, you have now reached the rising water segment.

Like most difficult sections in the Ratchet & Clank series, such as mainly the 'puzzles' and especially the last challenge of the Avenger tournament, this section is not difficult due to enemies, but due to an unchangeable factor. The rising water.

This section is mainly simple, in that the platforming is straightforward. Which is great because you need to be FAST. A method used by a speedrunner is to bunnyhop, or to repeatedly jump (single jumps). Combine this with long-jumping, and this section almost could be easy. What usually defeats players though, is at the end where there is just not enough time to surface. By going REALLY fast; however, this can be avoided.

Congratulations! You made it! Now, simply pay the bouncer 4,000 bolts and watch the cutscene. If you do not have 4,000 bolts, smash the nearby crates and then traverse to the Race Girl, by opening a passage, and smash those boxes. If you still do not have the bolts, go to another world and get the bolts, and return.

Golden bolts

  • You need the O2 Mask: first, get to the place where you had to run as fast as you could to get the most oxygen where everything flooded up. When you get there, it will still be flooded. Follow the path and when you get to the place where you can go higher on a platform on the left, go the other way (right, and down). Follow the path in a tunnel and when you get out of the water, the gold bolt is there.
  • Go to where there are all of the force field, where you can see the gold bolt behind one of them. Go farther where there is the round platform that the steam pushes in the air. Jump on it and once the platform goes up, jump on the closest pillar where the force fields are attached. Make your way to the pillar next to the gold bolt and jump off to get it.

Skill points

  • Speedy: To complete speedy you must complete the Blackwater City Hoverboard race in 1:35:00 or less. 1:36:00 in PAL versions. The best way to do this would be to cut corners and hit 90% of the boost pads.
  • Tricky: To complete tricky you must perform the 'Twisty McMarx' trick.
  • Cluck, Cluck: To complete this skill point you must turn one of the tanks on Blackwater City into a chicken. This can be done easily with the O2 Mask equipped as you will not get hurt.
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