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This is the walkthrough for Rilgar in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal.

Part I: The Battle of Blackwater City.

As soon as you enter the planet, you will free fall down to the surface. Rotate the Left analog stick to dodge missiles that come in your way. The ones that are red are the ones that will target you. After you land, the mission is pretty simple, its just a big storm of Tyhrranoids. So all you should do is bust out your Miniturret Glove and your Nitro Eruptor and start a killing spree! Soon once the dropships are gone, there will be some saucers, so use the N60 Storm or Spitting Hydra. Once you have killed all the enemies you will get 15,000 bolts as a reward!

Part II: The Bridge

This mission will start you off limited in places you can utilize for safety. When you start, there will be baddies in front of you, so pull out a good area controlling weapon. Two dropships will send enemies back behind the shield so dispose of them. Then more Tyhrranoids will come rushing to the shield. Throw some miniturrets and watch them suffer. Your reward is 20,000 bolts.

Part III: Counterattack

Before this mission, I advise you to buy the Holoshield Glove for protection. Now as you start, you will see some big robots and two giant spheres which are really turrets. Pull out your Flux Rifle to snipe the bots. Now head towards one turret, preferably where the other turret will not fire at you, and deploy some Holoshields in front of you. This is one of the best ways to level this 'weapon' up. The turret will helplessly fire at your shield. Now pull out something strong like the Nitro Eruptor and victory is yours! Do the same with the other turret. Your reward is an awesome pair of Gravity Boots and 25,000 bolts. You now get to enjoy a cutscene.

Skill points

There is one skill point you can obtain on this planet.

  • Bash the Party: Defeat 20 Tyhrranoids with your wrench.

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