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This is the walkthrough for Rykan V.

Where's My Backup Chute‽

The level starts out with a HALO jump. Simply dodge the missiles and AA fire coming at Ratchet with either SIXAXIS or the left analog. For the first section of the battlefield, simply use the Combuster and Predator Launcher, along with any other weapon deemed necessary, to eliminate the opposing forces. The first wave is made up of a squad of Tesladrones. After everything's dead, move up to where a door has opened. Inside the tunnel is a vendor; use it to stock up on ammo and Nanotech, and get a few upgrades if enough Raritanium is on hand. Go through the tunnel to meet another legion of troopers, this one even larger than the last. As with before, Ratchet simply needs to blast everything to Hades. After this, run over to the far wall. Four cannons will deploy from it that must be destroyed; the Predator Launcher is great for this job.

Lava Chutes

Ratchet will enter a small settlement. Killing all of its inhabitants will get a skill point. There are three vendors here; a weapons vendor is near Aphelion, an armor vendor is at the rim of the lava, and a devices vendor is in the upper right corner of the town, relative to the elevator. Next to the Lombax ship is the Smuggler, who will sell Ratchet a Gyro-Cycle. Go onto the launch pad, and go through the course. Not getting hurt once on the course and completing the course in under 1:45 minutes without dying will both result in skill points. Once Ratchet reaches the area where several smokestacks propel him high into the air, the course is over. Wait for the cutscene, but before leaving be sure to check out the area to the left of the testing center, the one with a small patch of grass.


Holo Plan once you get to the lava chutes go to your right looking staight there will be a device vendor. Next to the vendor will be a medal tower jump on that and grab the ledge with the glowing pipes and scoot to the left. You will reach another platform, then turn around and grab the ledge and scoot to the left again. Upon reaching the plat for you will see a green glowing shield wall jump between the box and the metal box to the left, then use your heli-pods to activate the lift on the roof infront of you will be the Holo-Plan. Golden Bolt there will be a grav wall further down in the area climb up it then jump to the roof next to it and BEFORE taking the zip line boost jump to the roof across the way. looking towards your ship to the far right, there will be a small cubby below you housing a Golden Bolt.

Skill Points

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  • The Consumer is Not (Always) Right: Destroy all of the Consumer bots in the Rykan V spaceport. They're the silver-gold robots wandering around. The easiest way to do this is with the Predator Launcher. Run around the spaceport holding R2 with the Predator Launcher. When you are locked onto a few bots, release R2 to destroy them.

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