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This is the walkthrough for Ryllus in Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters.

Vetega Jungle

Go behind your ship and walk off the cliff that is behind your ship, you will land on a hidden platform with a titanium bolt. First go to the sumos down the stairs. Kill them all.There will come some of this guys from a door. Go through this door and there will be a cat with spikes on the back. Use the Lacerator or some of your weapons. Then go forward and at the right there wil be a flower. Kill it and then at the left there will be some of this cats. Kill them and open the door using the Bolt Crank. Go into the door and there will be a guy named Professor Sprout. He will give you a Sprout-O-Matic. With this, wet one of the Mimic plants. Go to an Electro-soil patch and it will automatically plant itself and transform into a bomb plant. Before you exit through the wall that you are directed to break, turn your camera around left 90 degrees. You should see a wall on the left side of the screen in between two small plants that look destroyable. Hit the bomb plant's fruit between the two plants. The wall should crumble revealing the Sludge Mk. 9 Boots. Inside there will be some of the flowers. Kill them and go into a small room with a mimic plant. Plant it and it will transform into a ladder. Then go up it and there will be a small area. Jump off and there will be lots of the enemies. When you have defeated them plant the mimic plant. Then hit it with the wrench. It will throw you at a platform with one of the Vendors. There will be a Hypershot target. Swing on it and jump on the next platform. There will be some of the flowers and many of the sumo guys. Kill them and go to the left platform. Kill the enemies and plant the Mimic plant. Then plant it at the central platform. Then hit it and make a hole in the wall.Then go to the right platform. Kill the enemies and do the same like at the left platform. When you plant another plant in the Electro-soil the first will disappear. Then hit the plant and it will throw you in the hole. When you land, look behind, there is a titanium bolt! There will be a closed door to the temple. Go to the door and Clank will enter the temple trough a small hole.

Ryllus Temple

You are playing as Clank now. Go to the button and step on it. Then go to the left. There will be a stone enemy. Hit him and he will break. There will be some Gadgebots. Break the cages and they will follow you. Go to a door and command the robots to wait at the button. Go through the door and step on the next button. Command the gadgebots to follow you again. Then there will be some sumo guys. Command the Gadgebots to attack. Then go forward and you will see a Botflinger. With it throw your bots on the high area. Then go forward and you will see some enemies. When you defeat them all you will see another botflinger. Throw the bots at the buttons and there will be a bridge. Go forward and you will see a small area with knifes flying in it. Then there will be some bad guys. Kill them adn throw the gadgebots onto a platform. Then go into a big room with a stone. Lead your gadgebots to the bottom without destroying them with the stone. Rooms will be provided to protect yourself and your gadgebots. At the bottom, throw your gadgebots into small houses. A door will open. Go into it and at the end there will be a room. Step onto a button and open the door. Watch the cutscene, then the duo will fly to Kalidon.

Hidden Collectibles

Skill Points

Titanium bolts

  • After getting out of your ship, turn 90 degrees to your left and walk until you fall on to a platform. The bolt is on the platform.
  • When you reach the area before the temple, where you have the big grey wall in front of you, get on to the other side with the plant, then when you land, look behind you. The bolt is near the grey wall you just went through.

Armor Pieces

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