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SIXAXIS is a feature of the SIXAXIS and DualShock 3 wireless controllers for the PlayStation 3. It allows the user to interact with the game by moving the controller.

Weapons that use SIXAXIS

Tornado Launcher

SIXAXIS is used to control the tornado created by the Tornado Launcher. Tilting the controller in a direction moves the tornado in that respective direction.

Dynamo of Doom

SIXAXIS is used to steer the dynamo unleshed by the Dynamo of Doom. The dynamo moves forward on its own, but tilting the controller left or right moves it in that direction.

Gadgets that use SIXAXIS


SIXAXIS was used to control the Decrypter. Tilting the controller tilted the circuit board in the same direction, moving the metal ball.


SIXAXIS was used to steer the Robo-Wings. Tilting the controller steered the Robo-Wings in the same direction as the controller was tilted.

Holo Pirate Disguise

SIXAXIS was used to control the Holo Pirate Disguise. To "shake yer booty" the player had to shake the controller.


SIXAXIS was used to control the Geo-Laser. Tilting the controller made the Geo-Laser move in the same direction as the controller was tilted. Inverting the camera from the options menu inverted the controls for the Geo-Laser.

Devices that use SIXAXIS


SIXAXIS was used to control the Visi-Copter. Tilting the controller moved the Visi-Copter in the same direction.

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