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A sand mouse,without its craft

Sand mice were a small and unique species that could be found in many places throughout the Solana Galaxy. Sand mice calmly lived in little habitats under the ground. Using a Sonic Summoner, Ratchet could summon a sand mouse which would temporarily float at Ratchet's side in a tiny craft to provide aerial assistance by attacking all enemies within range with rapid shots. Depending on how much the player helped the sand mouse in killing enemies, they would teleport away.


RatchetSizeMatters "Let's just stomp around until we squish it!"

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  • Qwark referenced the sand mice in his commercial for Al's roboshack, mentioning that he been going to Al's shop since he was "knee-high to a sandmouse." *Ratchet had to use a Sandmouse in order to get a skill point on planet Batalia.
  • They were found on almost every single planet, with the exception of a few.
  • The original version of the sand mouse could not fly; it would reward Ratchet with a lump sum of bolts upon meeting it and sometimes it would require you to walk it to another sand mouse house before rewarding Ratchet with bolts.


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