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This is the walkthrough for planet Sargasso.

Collecting Leviathan Souls

When you get out of Aphelion, you will see Sargasso's wide landscape. Sargasso is a wide-open level, like Krell Canyon in A Crack in Time. Up ahead is the Smuggler and a weapon vendor and armor vendor. To get to the Lombax testing facility, you need to get across the swamp, and the only way to do that is with Clank's Robo-Wings. To launch the Robo-Wings, you need the Decrypter from the Smuggler to activate the robo-igition pad up ahead. He wants three Leviathan Souls for the gadget, which you might have. If you don't, continue ahead. There are lots of Grunthors scatted on Sargasso. These t-rex like dinosaurs will leave behind a Leviathan Soul and raritanium when killed, so make sure to get all of them, and you will even get the Extinction skill point for it. There are three Grunthors on this island in the swamp. Two are on the flat-ish open area, and one is in a cave farther ahead. If you can't find one, check your map. They appear as blue hexagons with some sort of symbol on it. You should be able to distinguish their icons because there are a lot of them on the map. Anyways, killing Grunthors is easy. Remember to strafe, and be sure to throw out a Nano-Swarmers pod before you start fighting the Grunthor yourself. Mr. Zurkon is also fun to have around—he's got some funny lines, and some extra firepower doesn't hurt. When you have got the souls, give them to the Smuggler in exchange for the Decrypter.

Exploring the gelatonium refinery

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Head over to the first ignition pad near the Smuggler. The Decrypter is the door hacking gadget that every Ratchet & Clank game has. This one uses the PS3's SIXAXIS motion sensor. Tilt your controller to tilt the circuit board. Move the metal ball in between the gaps in the circuit to complete the circuit and move the electric spark to the red terminal. If the spark hits an open gap, you will have to start over. This one is easy, but they get harder, especially in challenge mode. Launch from the pad and follow the Zoni. (If you want to explore, re-load your save file and you will not die when you miss a ring.) When you land, refill your ammo and Nanotech at the vendor, and continue ahead. Be sure to smash all of the crates. You will encounter a Kerchu Pyroguard guarding the entrance to a building in the gelatonium refinery. The Shard Reaper is probably your best bet, but you will have to get close-ish to do any real damage, and if you get too close, you will get toasted. Use a Nano-Swarmers pod if you need to. The door he's guarding is locked, and you will have to use the Decrypter to open it. (If you are in challenge mode, you can use the Razor Claws glitch to climb over this building and skip this part.) Once opened, head through the door and fill up your Gelanator at the pump. Use a gel cube to reach the platform on the right, and continue to the door at the end. It might be dark depending on your TV; watch closely for the moving platform at one point. Once you are at the end, glide down to the ground. For fun, you can equip the Predator Launcher and hold down R2 while you are gliding to attack the unsuspecting Kerchu below.


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Skill Points

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