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Saucy Wrench is a skill point in Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction. It can be achieved on Kreeli Comet by destroying all four campfire cauldrons with the wrench.


The cauldron that will pose the biggest challenge is the one after a large chasm that needs to be crossed using small islands of rock. It is located directly next to a manned turret. It is difficult because if you try to take out the pirate on the turret, the explosion could destroy the cauldron by accident, but if you get too close, the turret could destroy it. The best method is to get close enough to hit the turret's pirate with a Transmorpher, which does not result in an explosion that could destroy the cauldron. Another excellent method is to come back after you have beaten the level and use the teleporter to bring you to the IRIS entrance. From here you can move backwards and the cauldron is easier to get to before the pirate in the turret starts firing. 


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