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Vive le Scorpio!
―Scorpio  [UYA]

Ratchet fighting Scorpio

Scorpio was an organic life form/tank hybrid that was hired by Annihilation Nation as a gladiator, and he previously worked as a hair stylist who was known for "taking more than a little off the top." He was also the champion there until Ratchet beat him. Scorpio was armed with Dual Flamethrowers and a powerful Saw Blade Launcher attachment. After being dethroned as the champion in Ratchet's attempt to meet Courtney Gears, he fought the Lombax in a later challenge.


  • Scorpio was the rebuilt B2 Brawler. The machine that was in Galactic Gladiators, has the same brain as the cyborg, and the Commentator stated that Scorpio was in his "arena comeback." As he survived the explosion when the brain was still attached on the hull of B2 Brawler.
  • If players listened carefully, Scorpio had somewhat of a French accent. This was shown in the lines "Vive le Scorpio," "I'm going to cut you like a quiche!" and "I was going to let you live, but I changed my mind."
  • "Vive le Scorpio" in French means "long live Scorpio."


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